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Let this coming year be better than all the others. Vow to do some of the things you have always wanted to do but could not find the time. Call up a forgotten friend. Drop an old grudge, and replace it with some pleasant memories. Vow not to make a promise you do not think you can keep. Walk tall, and smile more. You will look 10 years younger. Do not be afraid to say, I love you. Say it again. They are the sweetest words in the world." – Ann Landers
I am a passionate, self-taught photographer based in US. My interest in photography started to grow approximately ten years ago and I started to see a life with an entirely new perspective and with lots of enthusiasm. I really enjoy taking photos of macro, birds, wildlife and landscape. Photography to me not just a hobby, it’s a real addiction. Everywhere I go I do it with camera. I have sold a lot of calendars with my photos.

I hope you enjoy my photographs as much I did taking them. Happy bubbling!
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“I made a sale, thanks for unknown buyer”:

To find the universal elements enough;
to find the air and the water exhilarating;
to be refreshed by a morning walk
or an evening saunter;
to be thrilled by the stars at night;
to be elated over a bird’s nest
or a wildflower in spring
- these are some of the rewards of the simple life.

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Here is one of my books. Please read. It is in Estonian
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When I was very young and the urge to be someplace else was on me, I was assured by mature people that maturity would cure this itch. When years described me as mature, the remedy prescribed was middle age. In middle age I was assured that greater age would calm my fever and now that I am even older maybe senility will do the job.
I own copyrights on all my photographs on this website. My images may not be posted in another web page on the internet or intranet, may not be published or used for commercial use of any kind without my written permission.

My cameras are Nikon D5200, and has two lenses Nixon DX 18-55mm and a Sigma APO DG 70-300.
I am host/co-host of 7 groups which I love all.

I love these quotes:
Photograph: a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art. ~Ambrose Bierce
You don’t take a photograph. You ask, quietly, to borrow it. ~Author Unknown

Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter. ~Ansel Adams

My hobby is also poetry. I wasn’t interested in poetry until I was older. Then I happened to read a poem by the Estonian poet Alliksaar. I wept, and started my long journey in the promised land of poetry. I consider the world of poems is a golden world, a model, and metaphor. My poems makes references to our world through analogy, and like all analogies it invites being explored “as if” it were real. I think the power of poetry and photography is to refine and mature our awareness, to give us a language in which to frame experience we might otherwise be unable to articulate and therefor to reflect upon. And eyes for both of them are important.

You are welcome to write me.

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