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Lois Romer

Bentleigh, Australia

Melbourne based hobby photographer who loves photographing landscapes, cityscapes, abstracts, historic sites and other cultures. With...

Walk for awarness

Today I walked around Albert Park lake with my kids and my partner for charity. Only 30 people turned out for the walk, which was for the Victorian turners syndrome Association. The walk was opeend by the Proffesor oat the Childrens Hospital who deals with the children who have turners syndrome (his name escapes me). I aksed my freind who was the organiser if she had managed to get any publicity for the walk and her response was no, that unless there was a celebrity to opne the walk or a well none person involved even the local community papaers didnt want to know about it. I advised her next year we need to get other groups involved and y partner suggested that his local muscle car club may join in, and we will have to try and get better publicity. The walk is 4.8 km long and was most enjoyable. I didnt take my camera with me, didn’t want to carry it with me. Maybe next year one of my photo freinds could do a photo journal piece about the walk.

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