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An excuse needed

Please someone find me an excuse for the long weekend in march 2008 so I can get out of going to my nephews weeding.

Shock horror I hear some of you say why wouldnt youa ttend the wedding.

To fill you in, i moved away from the country town my family all lie in when i was 19 and came to Melbourne. So giving away my age I have not lived there for 26 years. over that time i always made the effort to go and visit them at the start it was 3-4 times a year and then about 10 years ago it dwindled to twice a year and now im struggling to even spend 3 days visiting them. From the time i moved my brother and sister and their family have every year made several work and social trips to Melbourne and this continues on still and out of the 26 years my brother has visited me once, when my dad was in hospital down here and dying and my sister has visited me about 10 times in all. Yes I am the black sheep who managed to escape a small country town and succeed or should i say survive ok without ever asking for their assistance.

This in no way has enthused me to visit them often and when I was their last xmas I felt like I was intruding and not welcome. Now my sister has told me to keep that long weekend in March free for her sons wedding and I should bring a partner (they dont know i have a partner of 3 months). I jokingly said why would i subject my family on anyone and boy did she not get the joke.

So please feel free to save me from sitting at another family event being ignored, not allowed to have an opinion just so they can show off.

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