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Questioning my feelings?

I have been in a relationship with a guy who I have been seeing since 17th August this year , yes it is not quite 3 months. I was instantly attracted to his genuine personality as I hadnt come accross a truly genuine guy in a long time who was interested in a long term relationship and who was prepared to accept that I had kids and they where part of the deal. We have a liking for old classic cars and some old music. This is not all that i enjoy in life, sure he comes along wiith me when i take photos and most of the time his sone is with us. He gets along really well with my kids and I get along well with his son. But the last week I have had this thoughts that No I don’t want to spend all of my non working time with him ( this could be due to me being single for 5 years) but I doubt that. before meeting him my leisure time when I didnt have my kids was taken up with going to see bands and different music at venues, going to the movies and seeing more european non blockbuster type movies and dining out in different places, not your family freindly chain style places. Seems so far that we sepnd time together going to basic places to eat, his idea of spending the day is looking around a shopping centre and he cant stand lots of different types of music, prefers his old style 70’s stuff which is fine but not all the time. I know he has trully fallen for me and yes I do love him but is that enough.

I didnt epect to be dating some corporate type, thats what my Ex husband is. I made excuses friday night so that he wouldnt come over, and again today because its wet we couldnt go to a car show and im off to see a band at 4pm so I made excuses for him and his son not to come over.

Am i just not used to things moving along so quickly or should i just let him know that i need me time to do things that i enjoy or should i try and get him interested in some of these things.

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