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Lois Romer

Bentleigh, Australia

Melbourne based hobby photographer who loves photographing landscapes, cityscapes, abstracts, historic sites and other cultures. With...

The one

How do you know if a person you have met and had a couple of dates with with is the one. I always thought there would be a wow factor but no this didnt happen when I met this person, what i did think was hey this guy isnt bad.

I always wanted someone who is genuine, will take the time to get to know me and have some common interest. I know you can’t decide after 3 dates but I have learnt from previous experience that if you think that a guy has to have everything your looking for that you miss out all together when they move on. Yes I have met someone and yes from what he has said he is looking for someone for a serious long term relationship and from what he is saying to me he is very keen, How do I tell him that yes I want to take the time to slowly get to know him to make sure that I am happy and not just settling for a maybe relationship. I am worried that if I tell him im interested but catious he may not unerstand.

Well next date is dinner and dvd’s on friday night, will see how that goes.

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