Ex's grrrr

Why do ex’s think they know everything and after 5 years dont realise that having to attend childrens functions and school interviews etc can end in an argument. I have put up for the last 5 years attending these things with the kids father there also and it jsut ends in me wihsing i was sitting in another room and being thoroughly embarrased by his attitude towards others. He acts liek he is so much better than everyone else, i dont end up enjoying the evening at all. He tried to tell me i should get phsych help tonight, all because he mentioned booking in to see the teachers for the interviews and i said i had already booked. You only get a few minutes with each teacher and last time I came away known the wiser as to watch I should be doing to help my child. The girls live with me majority of the time so i am the one here in the evenings to help with homework.

Well that was my gripe and I hope im not the only one that has this problem.

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