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Hope for Canada

Oct 10 2013 we have hope.
Thank you to all who have written to David Suzuki over the years. thank you to all lymies, family and friends in every town city and country who are trying to raise awareness.
Last night on The Nature of Things was a mind blowing beautiful documentary by David Suzuki that unveiled the truth about lyme disease.
That can be watched here:

Disregard the evil doctor interviewed on there, Dr. Wormer as he plays a key role in doing whatever it takes to prevent awareness and treatment, and quite frankly that man is a moron.

Please print and get your family/friends/coworkers to sign this bill to get lyme disease treatment in Canada

Also, as you can see by previous videos I haven’t been doing so well…
My best friend created a fundraiser in hopes of raising enough money to take me to the USA for more treatment for this disease in December.
This link can me found here

Any and all $ even $5 helps her to help me and keeps me alive.

Love and light to all.

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