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I have one person in my life who is my everything. She is my family, my heart, my soul. Her name is Kristy

I am in love with any and all art forms.I live for photography.
I am a self taught artist/photographer who uses my inspirational vision of the world to transform my awkwardness into something uniquely original and peculiarly beautiful.

I fled my birth city (Windsor, Ontario) and now call our nation’s capital home. Having moved from city to city never quite finding home has been a source of my inspiration. My hope is to stir something within one’s soul.
I have carried a camera by my side for as long as I can remember.
I transpose my photography by laying one on top of the other. Expressive art is not a technique or learned skill, it’s a form of artistic design that just happens. One can be inspired by an overwhelming sensation or premonition.

I have around 13 public showings under my belt, first one in Windsor, the rest in Ottawa, and have gained considerable insight on what elements of my work are most appreciated by my clients.
I look forward to a future filled with beauty, nature, love and light while embracing the possibilities of artistic whispers within.
If you are interested in any of my art, please contact me directly at
via this means you can purchase the same high quality prints, at the size of your choice, and for a cheaper price.

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CATS (Isis)

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  • Age: 40
  • Joined: July 2007


Painted GREEN

Thank goodness for my best friend/soul mate/everything Kristy. I met her almost 5 years ago and luckily she got to spend a few months with me before I got bit and infected by that tick that carried Lyme Disease and many other co-infections. / Over the last 4 years I have gone misdiagnosed and neglected by my country’s medical community. There is NO treatment in Canada for this disease if …
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Hope for Canada

[Video] / Oct 10 2013 we have hope. / Thank you to all who have written to David Suzuki over the years. thank you to all lymies, family and friends in every town city and country who are trying to raise awareness. / Last night on The Nature of Things was a mind blowing beautiful documentary by David Suzuki that unveiled the truth about lyme disease. / That can be watched here: / http://www.cbc.c…
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Living with Lyme Disease and it's complications

[Video] / This is a mild day 8/10 pain scale, usually i’m jerking around so much screaming and writing in pain. In August there were some complications we thought it could have been 2 of the 5 medications I was on for lyme. So I stopped 2 of them for a month. As everyone with lyme knows, once you get off the meds which help/save your life…if treated for under 2 years…the immune …
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I would like to apologize to my loving compassionate beautiful online family and friends on Redbubble. I have been away for a good month or so due to shingles. it’s incredibly hard to describe and the best way for me to tell you is to show you what my life was like 24/7 until yesterday. / [Video] / there are more videos to come…the last one being very hopeful and inspiring.
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