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Going to Tamarack!

I’ve just been notified that this photo has been accepted for the “Best of West Virginia” Juried Exhibition at Tamarack this summer! :) I submitted three photos for acceptance, and this is the one that was accepted.

My work will hang in the David L. Dickirson gallery from June through August. I’m very excited about this opportunity and look forward to just being a part of this great experience. Thanks to everyone here for your support. :)

For those of you not from West Virginia, here is more information about Tamarack:

My First Sale!

I’m so excited! Someone has purchased one of my photos, “Great Falls Sunset,” as a greeting card, which is my first sale ever. :)

I’d like to thank whoever it was. Your support really means a lot to me!

A Sad Day

Well, it finally happened.

I got out to Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania today. I’d been planning this trip for a week, and I was so excited to shoot the many waterfalls within the park. I shot the main set of falls with no incident. I was pretty pleased with my results.

Next, I headed up to Cucumber Falls, a smaller fall, but a much longer drop. This was the one I was waiting for all day. I got down in the creek, set up, and started shooting, planning to move closer to the fall as I went. Not five shots in, I turned around for a moment, and heard the crash.

I whirled around to find my camera, tripod and all, lying in a pool of water at the creek’s edge. I screamed. In slow motion (or so it felt) I went for the camera, picked it up, and inspected the damage. Water was in th…