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The Loop

FADE IN:INT. NEIGHBORHOOD CLUB – THURSDAY AFTERNOON – ESTABLISHINGPeter, young, nerdy, a University of Chicago type collegestudent,¬† tutors Malia, a young African-Americanneighborhood girl.PETERSee here you want to divide first,that will make it easier.MALIALike that?PETERYeah…Peter looks over Malia’s work.PETERYeah that’s right.A beat.PETERJust make sure to always go overyour work. It always helps in thelong run, you know?MALIAYeah.FEMALE TUTOR(announcing)Okay, that’s all for today guys.Malia quickly stands from her chair. Peter still sits down.PETERI’ll see you tomorrow.MALIABye Peter.Malia quickly walks to the door to exit the building. Peterwatches her leave. He begins to pack up while talking toanother tutor who he wants to get to know better. Jen, theyuppie African-American coordinator approaches Peter.JENHey, are you coming tomorrow?PETERYeah I’ll be here.JENGreat, we really need people fortomorrow. And then you’ll be hereone day next week?PETERYeah, just on Thursday.JENOkay.PETEROkay…well I’ll see you tomorrow.JENYeah, bye Peter.PETERBye.Peter exits the building with his backpack swung across overone shoulder.EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD CLUB – THURSDAY EARLY EVENINGPeter is seen leaving the building immediately checking hiscellphone. He makes a call.PETER(on phone)Hey what’s up? Hello? Hey. So youstill having people over tonight?Well I just got done tutoring. I’llprobably eat first and then headout after that. Okay…okay. Seeyou later. Bye.Peter continues walking on the sidewalk, looking carefree.INT. CITY BUS – THURSDAY EARLY EVENINGMalia sits on the bus, listening to music on her CD player.The bus drives through the local neighborhood. Malia’s headrests on the bus window, she has a good view of the outside.The bus approaches an overpass, stopping at a subwayentrance. People leave the bus and enter the bus. Shewatches as people walk past her, noticing how they stare,staring back at them until they no longer stare at her. Thebus begins to drive away. Malia looks intently at something.Through Malia’s POV we see the city skyline, beautiful andmagnificent in the evening sun. The bus drives further untilclose buildings block the view of the skyline. Malia turnsback and rests her head against the window again.INT. PETER’S FRIEND’S APARTMENT – THURSDAY EVENINGPeter and many friends sit around an apartment. Handles ofliquor and beer bottles clutter the floor and coffee table.Peter takes a sip of beer. Everyone is happy, smiling, andconversing.PETER’S FRIEND ASo are you working tomorrow?PETERNo, just tutoring for an hour?A beat.PETER’S FRIEND BYou wanna go downtown or something?PETERMaybe, how about Saturday?PETER’S FRIEND BYeah, we’re not doing anything.INT. – NEIGHBORHOOD CLUB – FRIDAY AFTERNOONPeter sits with Malia going over the math homework theypreviously worked on.PETERSo how’s it coming?MALIABetter I think.PETERGood, it will just get easier asyou keep practicing it.A beat.PETERDo you have plans for the weekend?MALIA(writing on homework)Not really. Nothing special.PETERNothing fun, it’s summer.MALIAI’ll probably be with friends orsomething, but I always do that.PETERFriends are good.MALIAWhat are you doing?PETERWell I told my friends I might godowntown with them.MALIAI’ve never been downtown.PETER(in subtle disbelief)What?A beat.PETERHow is that possible. You’ve livedhere your entire life right?MALIAYeah, just never made it downthere. I see it on the bus ridehome though.PETERYeah, but-FEMALE TUTOROkay guys, see you next week.Malia quickly packs her things. Peter sits still subtlyastounded.MALIABye Peter.PETERSee you later.Peter slowly packs his things. He looks discomforted. Jenapproaches on her way out.JENHey Peter.PETERHey.JENWhat’s wrong?PETEROh nothing.Peter and Jen walk together leaving the building.EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD CLUB – FRIDAY EARLY EVENINGPeter and Jen walk through the door to outside. They pauseand stand talking.PETERMalia told me she’s never beendowntown.JENOh yeah?A beat.PETERI couldn’t believe it.JENYou know these kids don’t get outmuch. All they know is theirneighborhood.PETERI just don’t see how that’spossible.JENIt’s possible.PETERI actually feel bad for her. It’skind of stupid.JENNo. Now I haven’t met one herewho’s told me that. But manystudents haven’t been anywhere.PETERYeah. Well I should get going.JENOkay Peter. See you later.Peter walks away. Jen walks in the opposite direction.EXT. JEN’S CAR – FRIDAY EVENINGJen drives her car on the same path that Malia takes on thebus. Jen stops at a red light on the same overpass and looksnorth, noticing the city skyline. We stay at that shot for abit, then cut to next scene.EXT. MALIA’S HOUSE – MORNINGJen stands outside Malia’s front door. Malia opens the door.JENYou ready?MALIA(enthusiastic)Yeah, I’ll be right out.Jen and Malia walk from Malia’s front door down the stooptowards Jen’s car. Malia has a certain kick in her step.JENWe won’t be down there too long.But we’ll probably have lunch,okay?MALIAGreat!Jen unlocks the passenger side door, Malia enters the car.Jen opens her door. Jen starts the engine, looks over atMalia, and begins to drive away.EXT. DAN RYAN EXPRESSWAY – MORNINGJen drives north through traffic on the Dan Ryan. ThroughMalia’s POV we see the approaching skyline, with thebehemoth Sears tower empowering over all of the Loop. Jenlooks towards Malia, noticing her astonishment. Jencontinues to drive towards downtown. The car exits the DanRyan approaching downtown.EXT. DOWNTOWN – MORNINGThe car drives east through the towering skyscrapers of thefinancial district. Malia can’t turn her head away from itall. Malia pulls back the moonroof shade and looking fromoutside the car inwards trough the moonroof we see Malia’sface, lighting up, she is in absolute awe. Jen continues todrive through downtown. Malia notices all of the peoplewalking on the streets, shopping, in suits, on phones. Theypass LaSalle, then State, then Michigan, where Jen makes aleft turn. Jen continues to drive on Michigan Avenue. Malianotices the Art Institue, and the lions guarding theentrance. They pass Millenium Park.MALIAWhat’s that?JENThat’s the bean.MALIA(in a whisper)The bean.INT. NAVY PIER MCDONALDS – NOOONTIMEJen and Malia sit at a table in Navy Pier eating McDonalds.JENDid you enjoy today…so far.MALIA(munching)Yes…it was great.JENThat’s good.A beat.MALIAWe should do it again some time.JENI’d like that. Maybe we can walknext time…on the streets.MALIAOoh yeah. I want to go see the beanup close.JENIt’s fun. You can make funnypictures by it. I’ll show you.A beat.MALIAAre we going to go?JENWe have time. No rush.Jen watches Malia finish her meal. We move to a shot fromNavy Pier looking west towards the skyline. The buildingsglisten in the Sun’s light.EXT. PARKING SPOT – NOONTIMEJen and Malia enter the car on the streets of Chicago. Theydrive away.EXT LAKE SHORE DRIVE – NOONTIMEThe car drives south away from downtown. Malia turns herhead and looks outside the back window towards downtown. Shelooks intently as to ensure that she remembers this scene.We cut away looking at Malia’s face turned looking at theskyline.INT. JEN’S APARTMENT – EVENINGCooking and pacing around her small kitchen, Jen talks onthe phone.JENIt was just amazing Mom, youwouldn’t believe it. Her face-Jen lifts a pot.JEN (CONT’D)Yeah I know. We just went aroundthe loop, stayed in the car.She begins chopping some vegetables.JEN (CONT’D)Well then up Michigan…she saw thebean. I told her we would go backand walk around one day.A beat.JEN (CONT’D)Any day really. We had lunch and Iwas just watching her. She waseating but her head was somewhereelse.Jen closes the fridge.JEN (CONT’D)Yeah okay…okay. I’ll talk to youlater, bye, love you too.INT. JEN’S LIVING ROOM – EVENINGJen sits on her comfy couch with her laptop sitting in frontof her. She looks at pictures on facebook, and changes herstatus. It reads: "Today I saw downtown through the eyes ofsomeone seeing it for the first time, I think I love itagain".THE END

The Loop

Lloyd Lee

Chicago, United States

  • Artist
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