Let me introduce myself. My name is Linda Jones. I was,born and raised In New England, in New Hampshire..self taught artist now residing in the deep south.in beautiful sunny florida.I began painting and drawing later in life and it has truly become a driving passion.Always a work in progress
I see a painting in almost everything..shapes and forms stand out among almost everything..Im always searching and looking..to just see

I paint what I see,how I see it…..The human condition….what lies beneath the surface,the color and spirit of what I see,what is beyond… so often leads me the portrait painting the portrait ..to look further,deeper,to what lies beyong the surface.
To capture the human condition more than anything else, which perhaps the following quote summarizes well.
”…we can see a person as simply a material object, something to look at, an “it”, or we can look into a person and enter the sacredness of their humanity so that they become a “Thou.” “(Shane Claiborne “The Irresistible Revolution”, commenting on the ideas of Martin Buber in his work “I and Thou”.)
i hope you enjoy my work,look deep and let me know what it is you see

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I just wanted to begin this day with grattitude..which I have in abundance. / I have received so much support..and we all know that it moves us ,and me,to continue to paint. to stretch the boundaries of what I feel I am capable of…to just DO IT! / so…Thanks everyone for your warm support…
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gimp tshirt

Im wondering if its just me or is it a little complicated to make the t-shirt. I admit im not very computer savy but im having such a hard time..im stuck with lots of ideas for shirts and cant for the life of me figure out the template..
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