““A disease is created in medical warfare.
Designed to send the living into a state of trance, their souls ripped form their bodies, and leaving them at a primitive state after a week of coming in contact with the disease.
They have no identity, and all they know is fear.
A pandemic broke loose, killing off 90% of the world as it advanced and signs began showing after only one hour of coming in contact. The infected burned and their ashes stored in a secret underground military base.
One trace lived on as society was re-built, for it never killed the animals it came into contact with.
A dog bit someone, and the disease was back, this time twice as strong, and the effects much greater.
The human race as we know it will cease to exist in a matter of days.
People start to lose faith in their God, and soon the suicide rate increases as faith goes down for fear of becoming infected.
It seems this sickness has gotten the best of human-kind.
There is no savior. There is no hope…”

A paragraph from a short story I wrote after I saw 28 Days Later for the first time. I wanted to turn it into a school play, but seeing as I was in public school, somehow the whole “there is no savior” thing made the school board flip out because they didn’t want a “satanic” play because the christain administrator was offended. go figure. wasn’t even satanic in the least. hooray ignorance!

This one has no glowsticks. Only black light. My friend used a very light blush, and that’s what gave her the pink color. The freckles are just natural (She’s a red head).
I have to make a note, though: I did NOT photoshop this in any way, other than slightly brighten it. I prefer to stay away from photoshop. I like to have my work amazing as the original. hah.


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  • Malik M Beser
    Malik M Beserover 6 years ago

    back off! haha :)

    Like it, but ur eyes scare me

  • Andrew Mark
    Andrew Markover 6 years ago


  • HexeGarten
    HexeGartenover 6 years ago

    ooo she looks very…. what’s the word? CONTAGIOUS! very cool, liz. i like the eye!

  • haha thanks! =]
    actually thats how eyes usually look under black lights =]
    i was like a kid in a candy shop when i noticed that effect. haha

    – Lizzie Phillips

  • Paul  Henderson Smith
    Paul Henderso...over 6 years ago

    Great idea, Nice work. Slightly creepy, as you can only see part of her face. Very well done, especially since you avoided photoshop! yay for avoiding photoshop.

  • Dave Aarons
    Dave Aaronsover 6 years ago

    Wow, great idea, well done

  • Tony Ryan
    Tony Ryanover 6 years ago

    Creepy pic but the story is cool. I was raised in an all boys catholic school. The whole sin and saviour thing being very strong. I truly believe if Jesus was alive now he would encourage people to go inside their own hearts where they will find there is no need to be saved. Relationship is hard and confusion abounds. It is this confusion that the church seems to brand sin. If only we embraced confusion and became our own saviours.

  • exactaly. But so many people think that it’s not the answer because it’s so simple, and if it’s simple it can’t be true.

    sometimes I just wish we had stopped evolving or increasing our intelligence at point to where we’d be happy with just the small things so that as our intelligence increased, the conflicts of the world did.

    – Lizzie Phillips

  • Crespuscular
    Crespuscularover 6 years ago

    Brilliant idea.
    Reminds me of nights in clubs on… on… Saturday evenings…


  • Colin Tobin
    Colin Tobinover 6 years ago

    Really cool effect!

  • Glen Allen
    Glen Allenabout 6 years ago

    seriously scary.

  • ellamental
    ellamentalalmost 6 years ago
    ROCKS LIKE BIG C——s!!!
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