I need lighting advice

I’m going to do a shoot that involves dry ice, and is going to be taken either at night or in the dark (because the setting of the photo is supposed be at night. It’s about a zombie nightmare I had), and I don’t know what to do about lighting. Can anyone help me out with what to do about the lighting so that it looks like this

Also the location of the shoot is going to be in an abandoned building or in the woods, so I won’t be able to plug anything in =/
oh! and how do I do realistic zombie make up and make it look like the model is bleeding from their eyes? (and a gas mask will be used as well)


  • John Robb
    John Robbover 3 years ago

    Sorry Lizzie your FB links aren’t working for me. In any case try to use the dry ice in a semi enclosed envronment so the mist won’t disapate. You’ll need hot water for it as well so make sure you have a good supply.

  • aww man, that’s lame. Sorry about that. I’ll try and find different links. and okay, thank you =]

    – Lizzie Phillips

  • Lizzie Phillips
    Lizzie Phillipsover 3 years ago

    here these should work

    Photo 1

    Photo 2

    Photo 3