The New Theory of Evolutionary Creation

“Have we any right to assume that the Creator works by intellectual powers like those of man?”

-Charles Darwin
On the origin of species

With that massively complex system of neural networks and cognitive protocols inside your head: Imagine.

With your uniquely human ability to co-create the stipulations of the environment in which your body is immersed, Imagine.

Combining the pure sensory-input-to-brain relay of electrical impulses and chemical messages; with the self-reflective higher mind’s analysis of what you are seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling, hearing, and being; bend nothing into a fantastic image that later you might decide to manifest in the world of three-dimensional reality. IMAGINE.

With the consciousness-expanding idea in mind, that you have the profound ability to designate the reason born of your individual thought processes, imagine.

Imagine yourself in a place of difficulty with no end. Imagine what appears, to logic, completely impassible. Now imagine surpassing impossibility, just like time does, as it hoodwinks mortality with every blink gone by in the eye of a cyclone or clock.

Imagine that you are a small and fragile body, wavering forever on the edge overlooking death. Only one breath dictates your standing or falling. You are atop a high mountain, which you have struggled throughout eternity to climb.

Something monstrous has melted due to changing environmental factors. Water is filling in the valley, rising rapidly. You have climbed as high as this mountain will allow. You are only a human being, with no materials for building a boat. You can’t swim. You are not fit to face these ill-fated conditions. You kick and scream until

you swallow water.

You watch the news each evening. You hear, see, and read nothing but nauseating reports of war, famine, forest depletion, oil drilling in the last pristine places, and the rate of extinction advancing exponentially with your every exhalation. Everyone you know has lost love to sadness; freedom to fear; and a personal sense of divine identity to unrecognizably damaged ideals. The flood overcomes you.

You are dying to possibility in the valley of doubt, as you feel the earth dying from within you of the same disease. While you have lost faith in yourself, and in the human race, the earth’s pulse has slowed progressively to a deafening, monotonous thud. This is the sound of guilt and wilted hope.

We have reached the peak of urgency in which this image is no dream. We are the earth; and the earth is falling victim to our sickness. We must use our incredible minds and imagine something different. We are far too intelligent a species of animal to forsake the greatest Love there is. Certainly, with the power of our intricate logic, coupled

with the will to survive that is innate within our every cell, we can imagine a future beyond death. We must imagine, and procure, a kind of intelligence beyond ours; beyond that which justifies the discord between a human animal’s behavior and the high sacraments of Nature.

We must implement the truth in both creation and evolution now. For we, as human minds, are responsible for co-producing the forthcoming revolution in the mental design of our species.

We are to choose within ourselves, to transcend our selves, and further the one collective cause. We are never to break the promise of continuation; else God’s disappointment shall break our hearts. With our particular minds, we can decide that impossibility is the necessary precursor to creative change. And on the edge of desperation, for the sake of Nature’s respiration, we must.

For clinging stubbornly to ideas born of an emotionally selfish Ego, and a dissected consciousness, we will surely perish. The metamorphosis of the adaptive landscape is selecting for a remodeled conscious framework, in which

unified vision perceives the integration of dual concepts. In this model, the benefits of both evolution and creation theories, being seen in their true form as necessary counterparts, can be implemented with infinite efficiency through their movement in human vehicles.

If we cannot fathom the truth in evolution, but can only perceive that we were created once in perfection, never to grow into new form, then we shall not be able to lose opposable thumbs to the greater efficacy of fins when the water rises. Nor will we have access to wings for flight. We shall not survive to see our own fantastic rebirth. Thus we must recognize that our cooperation, in adapting to the insight of unification, is in line with the Plan and therefore imperative for our salvation.

If we live within the solitude of human solipsism, without any god but the backward law of logic, we shall meet our demise for the same reasons. Faith brings humans to explore the wilderness of the mind, where the objective capabilities of reason dare not tread. Reason shall determine our fate as falling, for by the standards of sensibility, every day is simply the next in a series tending toward extinction. For
inspiration to grow spiritually – which, for humans, will
determine our continued growth physically, morphologically, even genetically — we need the help of something higher than the peak and deeper than the valley. When scientific studies and academic statistics are not motivation enough, we must rely upon something logically ridiculous to force our hand in change.

So that somewhere in time, our design will be advanced beyond the likes of human-type awareness. Humans will someday earn exemption from the struggle to choose righteousness, selflessness, innocence, humility, and honesty. We shall simply be these, without effort or anguish. With only instinct and intuition. Somewhere in time, we will have eluded every barrier preceding the eternal perfection of Heaven. Through natural selection, which can be defined in the new theory as God’s process of decision-making, humans will evolve in synchrony with the order of the Wild Imagination.

With faith grounding thought, humans can and will achieve
the Enlightenment of the Beasts.

The New Theory of Evolutionary Creation

Elizabeth Kover

HOLUALOA, United States

  • Artist
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