Liz Garnett is an art photographer specialising in manipulating film negatives to create edgy contemporary images. Her work has been sold and exhibited internationally. She has been featured in: Kent Life, Professional Photographer and Aspect County magazines.

Colour and texture play an important role in Liz Garnett’s work and inspiration is drawn from architecture, shapes and patterns. Her work is concerned with strong graphic composition with the majority of her fine art images being abstract or semi-abstract. Recently, themes have included beaches and the coast in both the UK and France as well as fruit, vegetables and shells. She is currently focusing on creating vibrant flower, fruit and seaside inspired images with a strong graphic content.

Liz experiments with photographic processes to push the boundaries of photographic art. Works include emulsion lifts, use of infra-red films, black and white, cross processing, photo montage and alternative processes. Choice of films and format (digital, 35mm, medium and large format) play an important role at the beginning of each new project. Liz has also joined the digital revolution and has a digital camera for commercial work as well as some landscape photography.

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