1 is the Saddest Number

A sad statistic in the UK today (and indeed all over the world) is that almost a million older people will be eating their Christmas dinner alone. When you think about it, that is a scary figure, and so sad. It breaks my heart to think about all the elderly people spending the whole of the Holiday season alone, with not even one visitor.
It really saddens me to think of anyone being alone and issolated at anytime of the year, nevermind at Christmas.
Help the aged are doing a 1 is the saddest number campaign to raise money to provide those on their own a Christmas lunch.
How things can still be like this in this day and age both saddens and angers me, and really makes we well up just thinking about it.
An elderly Friend of my Mam’s lives on her own after losing her husband a few years earlier, my Mam and Dad help her out all they can, and the other day we took her to the Crematorium as it was the anniversary of her husbands death. Her family had took her the day before, but she wanted to go on the day to see the book open, and was feeling quite down about not being able to go, so we took her through. We were going into Town afterwards and invited her to come with us. We went round a few shops, then on for a coffee and she really enjoyed herself, laughing at all my ‘Blond moments’ and just glad to be out of the house, as in her words she would be “Just sitting there feeling miserable and thinking” She kept on saying how we had made her day and that she had really enjoyed herself and that was really heart warming and made my day too.
So, if you have an elderly relatives or neighbours, spare a thought for them this Christmas, (it can be such a lonely time) and perhaps check if they are ok, it would really make their day to know someone is thinking of them.


  • Lois Romer
    Lois Romerover 6 years ago

    It is not just the elderly that can be alone at these times, but is harder for the elderly to get out and about. Great idea though.

  • gordontant
    gordontantover 6 years ago

    That was a really sweet thing to do Deb, It has given me an will let you know if it works….

  • Deborah  Bowness
    Deborah Bownessover 6 years ago

    No I know it’s not just the elderly, Christmas is a sad time for ANYONE to be on their own, but even more so I think for older people who think people have forgot about them or as you say can’t get around as easy to get to the shops etc, it’s just something that really breaks my heart to think of.

  • Deborah  Bowness
    Deborah Bownessover 6 years ago

    Thanks Gordon! Am interested to hear what idea you have….do tell!

  • melynda blosser
    melynda blosserover 6 years ago

    i know how they feel, that is me too, and i am not old, but i have gotten use to it

  • John Cole
    John Coleover 6 years ago

    I can only agree with all of your words Deb as I am 73 and live alone and some weeks I dont see or get to talk to anyone at all,this is why RED BUBBLE means so much to me
    as I can actually converse through the medium of the internet and not feel so lonely,I`m lucky that my youngest son has invited me for christmas so will be around the children,but it only makes me feel more lonely when I have to go home

  • elisab
    elisabover 6 years ago

    Christmas is about sharing. I hope we all go out and share happiness and love to the lonely. Yes #1 is a sad number.

  • Tom Broderick IPA
    Tom Broderick IPAover 6 years ago

    Nice story made me sad to think of it as I am not elderly I am only one but I do have my crazy cat.

  • Adriana Glackin
    Adriana Glackinover 6 years ago

    Indeed Deb, in this saccharin-coated world we are led to believe we live in, many don’t see the reality that is Christmas. It isn’t always the happy, cheerful, family and friends-time of the year. Funny, how out TV don’t show that side of it. We are led to believe that being alone at Christmas (due to whatever the circumstances) is the minority, when in fact it isn’t.

  • Dave Sandersfeld
    Dave Sandersfeldover 6 years ago

    i enjoy my “alone time”; but it would be a prison cell 24-7. Deborah you are a very noble souls and vry creative problem solver. well done!