Just me and my camera!

Sitting at home before, I was bored and decided to go out and take some photos. So I went down to the local park (haven’t been there in years!) and to the Harbour. It was great to get out and about, just me and my camera, just wandering around in my own time, enjoying the scenery and the fresh air! I managed to get about 50 or so shots, before my Friend rang me and I ended up sitting in the Citizens Advice Buero with her (long story invloving 2 energy companies and a VERY large gas bill!!), still I didn’t mind, she’s a good Friend, just hope she gets it sorted. I still managed to pop in and out to get some shots while she was in, as luckily it’s right by the Harbour! I’m uploading a few shots tonight, I hope you enjoy them!

Oh yeah, nearly forgot a funny moment that happened to me today! When I was walking along the Harbour front, this lady shouts "Excuse me, but are you from the Whitehaven News? (Our local paper) I told her no I wasn’t, but I was thinking "I wish I was!) I must have looked like a professional photographer with my camera swung round my neck….Lol!

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