I am a traditional artist turned photographer, there’s just something about being behind a camera that feels right. I already have an online presence here, but I wanted a completely fresh start in a new community with my work – there are only so many people you can meet in one place after all. Time to broaden my exposure as a photographer – no pun intended.

Looking forward to seeing what this community has to offer. Drop me a line sometime if you want to talk about photography – I don’t bite. And as always, critique and comments are always welcome.

  • Age: 26
  • Joined: October 2007


thank you all!

wow… not even my second day on here and already the support I’ve received has been incredible! / I’d just like to thank everyone who’s already added me to their watch list or been kind enough to fave and comment on my work – its always so appreciated! / already I’ve gotten a few comments on how to improve my work and I couldn’t be more grateful – so…
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