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The Night Weeps for Strength

The night weeps for strength,
While a stranger falls to emotion,
The days grow pleasantly warmer,
But only as the soul becomes desperately colder
A quiet river runs rampant through those veins,
Rushing each day just a little bit faster
A weight rests ever so heavily upon those shoulders,
Those shoulders that have already bared a world of pain
Breaking down an old version of this girl
No one’s catching her eternal tears
Secretly sighing,
Lamenting within the shadows of doubt
While her dream of disengaging nearly drowns her
Acting has become her new occupation,
While her heart is steadily losing inspiration
The ice begins to crack beneath those toes
Those toes that have grown accustomed to the cold
One can only watch as the disassociation approaches
Time is on its way,
The power that can heal the flesh,
Change the youth,
Save the weary,
And stop torment of the old.
Believing forever constantly waivers on this notion
But walls keep falling
Shots are readily being fired
This girl searches frantically for protection
Yet she turns to run and has no where to go,
Standing naked, cold, alone.
The “if only” of the spirit,
“if only I had known…”
“If only it would go away…”
The wasteful, worthless destruction of the “if only”
No internal strength can save us.
The pain hits deeper now,
Deeper, darker, colder
And yet this girl fears it’s not the worst to come
And this fear enfeebles her
But she shall not be destroyed
Although at moments it seems so easy.
Her voice is saturated with sadness,
The same voice that rang with beautiful laughter,
Followed by the smile that warmed rooms and hearts,
The same smile that now the world is chasing after
She regains her steps for moments
As her heart falls silently to the floor
Whose sweeping the pieces of such purity?
Whose caring for her broken parts?
But this too shall fall behind,
Although the light seems nearly unreachable,
But alas one hopeful morning the sweet sunshine will rise,
While something shifts within unknown depths,
And a smile may extend across her lovely cheek
It will be this day, this morning, this moment
Where time may finally begin to heal…
The forever brokenness
Of her cherished(forever broken) heart.

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