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my ex might be my soulmate

“poetry is the language of the soul. / therefore, no poetry is the same because no soul is the same” / she said… / she likes to read her poems and writing to me because i understand them… / or is it because i understand her?..she pondered. / “do you still believe in soul-mates?” she asked. / i honestly don’t know, / but then again it doesn’t reall…
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Thy Quest for the Moonlight

Lose yourself in the journey for the feel of the radiant shine of the moon / Betray, lie, defeat, and move forward the whole way up. / Turn back only when the path is clear. / Spit on those who help you up and forget those who cared for you none. / Within that light, sacrifice an extra set of hands (the only true pair outstretched to you) / For the beauty of the pot of gold. / Watch that pot pres…
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A hard night's truth

God’s greatest creation.. / is man’s greatest destruction
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