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I Know

I Know / There are flying saucers, I have seen one, so I know / There is space travel, I have been out there, so, I know / It is awesomely beautiful in space, I have seen it, so, I know / People are taken against their will, more as if they have No will, and I am one of those people, so, I know / I have been told and shown things I do not remember what those things were, so, I do not know, Why? /…
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Happy Redbubble Page

I remember the first time I came to RedBubble. I saw a friends’ great artwork on their Facebook page and followed to see it. Anthony* I read a story written by a girl with a fresh face and a smile that could bust yer buttons! Siki* I looked at all the wonderful pages and wandered around looking at this and favoriting that and I was a bit sad too because , my page was just white. These…
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same ol' same ole'

I love you / you’re still gone… / pissed off still better than… / I miss you still / yeppers…different day same ole’
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Mass Saturation Large

Mass Saturation / by Littlehalfwings
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