Holy Macaroni!

I came back from work yesterday, feeling slightly lethargic and not really very excited about anything in particular, then I checked my RB and Holy Macaroni !Someone left 19 comments and favourited 13 of my works!!!!! At first I thought it must be a spammer. Hmmph! But as I started reading through her commens, I realised this person has gone through my works, one by one, and have taken the time to add very sincere and truly heart warming comments to them.…

She is no spammer. She is the lovely Judy Crayton

I was so blown away I didn’t reply any of her comments immediately. Stunned… but in a happy sort of way.Judy You made what’s left of yesterday a blissful one. I went to bed happy as a puppy. So from the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank

Share it? Share it not?

Gee… I just found out there’s the new ’Share it ’button added at the bottom of each artworks. So now you can simply share all your fantastic, creative works to the BIG WIDE WORLD. Very powerful…. But with great power comes great responsibility… No?

So i went testing testing… * Pink * straight to twitter without all the usual haasle. Not bad. not bad… next I tried facebook. Then I stop. And I thought, do I really want to share my bubble world with facebook? Should I? If for promotional sake, YES, I should. Why not? Tap into that vast network of friends out there, right? So why am I getting that tummy knot before I hit the button?

Honesly do i want everyone on my facebook list, including workmates, etc. and the odd ‘not my friend but added them anyway and forgot to un-friend them’ to know


I was browsing for any interesting art or doodles out in the ‘wild wild web’ and came across this. Thought I’d share it with everyone here.

Doodles by Eric Nakamura

It is just a simple concept, yet so intriguing. It really inspired me to continue doodling on my little yellow post-its. RANDOM MUSINGS + PATIENCE = GREAT ARTWORK. Just something to think about eh?

The dude also has lots of other interesting eye candy if you wanna check him out

New Group - Post-it Art

Myoriginalsin and I have just started a new group called Post-it Art .

This group was inspired by how everyday materials around you can be used for those spur of the moment doodles. Ever noticed how we doodle on bits of paper while chatting on the phone,on napkins while enjoying a cuppa. When our minds relax and start to wonder… These doodles often form the very essence and foundation to ideas we later develop.

This group is here for people to share their doodles and to inspire each other. Sketches & drawings are an important part in teasing of ideas which leads to greater development. They should be celebrated.

So NEVER underestimate what you can draw and sketch with things around you! Go on! Start drawing something!

Post-it Art Idea. Anyone interested in co-hosting with me?

I’m thinking of setting up a group to showcase artworks created on post-its. I’ve never set up a group before. Been searching to add my post-it doodles to a group and realise that we haven’t actually got a group for artworks created on post-its, etc. So if you think you’re interested, let me know!

Oh and I’m open to other suggestions too. Just noticed when I was searching for post-its, only a little over 3 pages result….? We need more people doodling! Draw people draw! Maybe could be a group on artworks done on notepads, napkins, random piece of paper, something along that line… what do you think?

DO you think this idea is worth doing?

Twitter anyone?

So I finally gave in and sign up on Twitter . I’m not sure what I’ll do with it though…

I guess maybe I’ll post important annoucements, sales or random little drawings maybe. I’ll see how it goes… :) Will try not to annoy.

How do you use your twitter??

About Littlearty


My works are mainly illustrations based strongly on colours and lines to allure and express an idea. The subjects are often close to my heart and the forms are kept quite simple and quirky, with a love for the whimsical. I am forever fond of drawing people and trees as the human body is always intriguing, and the trees forgiving. I am not usually concern with perspective. Composition, colours, line works and the ability to experiment with new medium are a lot more exciting to me.

My cat’s name is Muffin. The little monster is often in my works.

Lost and Waiting

It’s cold here in Wellington. Not the best weekend but a good one to catch up on some of my unfinished drawings. I suddenly feel a need to share my art, but I haven’t been very discipline. I try to quickly sketch down ideas, ideas that seem to be materializing less and less frequent lately. I wonder what’s happening… I wonder if I’ve lost it. Lately I seem to do more think than creating. Putting myself through this process of filtering through the bad ones and when I’ve decided to take some of my sketches to the canvas, I convince myself it’s probably not worth painting. This new and foreign thought process, I am beginning to think what I do at work is being brought through into my art. The tedious and rigourous design and architectural decisions have finally taken a toll on my art life…

Limited Canvas Prints at 20% OFF! Only till Sunday! :)

Hi everyone! I usually do not offer canvas print options as I’m a bit skeptical about the lack of texture and all… But anyway, seeing there’s a 20% OFF till sunday, I’m going to be offering the following limited artworks available as CANVAS PRINTS! Yes I am…no I’m not kidding… yes only till Sunday… no I won’t change my mind… yes I will be forever grateful if you buy one… :)

So get in quick! Canvas print only available till Sunday!

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait