My iphone case journey

The iphone case design started with a standard template you can download from Redbubble.…

I decided to go with one of my sketch called ‘Potato Sprout’. It has quite a lot of detail and a good range of mix media so I’m able to check out the overall printed quality on different medium. Also because I love this drawing to bits!

So after about a good 10 working days wait, my iPhone case finally arrived today from uncommon! And I’m very happy with the quality :)

From the box

A little intro. into Rebbubble+Uncommon in a form a conversation. Cute.

The front packaging looks real slick. Not very environmentally friendly though.

My ‘potato sprout’ drawing printed with great detail. The quality is Sooo much better the one from zazzle.

The design goes all the way to the side

From inside


Sketchbook Project 2012... Work in Progress

What a busy year it’s been. I just realised my last journal was what… 6 months ago? That can’t be right!

Well, the good news is I’ve finally finished my Sketchbook project 2012 last week and it is on its way to join the Sketchbook Tour. :)

It’s a long weekend in Wellington. Was hoping for bit more sun so I can finish building that shed of mine, etc. etc. So far I’ve been blessed with a good brunch with friends and drizzly weather. I’m in the perfect mood to get my brain(s) organised and do some posting!

I’ve scanned my sketchbook. The title this year is ‘I remember you’. I’ll be uploading the project online in the next few hours (or days) depending on my attention span.

In the meantime, work in progress photo. Enjoy!

Sketchbook Project 2011 finally in digital library

Arthouse Co-op finally digitized my sketchbook project 2011 . Yay! Happy it’s finally online but still waiting for them to fix a few pages that’re missing. Oh well…. anyway, I think the scan quality is pretty good. :) So no complains. Have just ordered the 2012 sketchbook. Can’t wait to start on something new.

The 2012 theme I’ve chosen is ‘I remember you’. Should be interesting…. fingers cross. :)

Work in progress ... free MOO samples

I’m really excited about this one! Hehe… I don’t even know how the finished work willl turn out yet. At the moment it’s untidy, it’s messy, it’s my ‘dirty laundry’ really.…

But I want to share it right now. I don’t know why I’m so excited but I’m thinking this might be the one. I think I want to paint this on canvas! It’s been more than 3 years since my canvas breakdown but last night while I tossed and turned in bed…restless… excited about the scribble I just pen down with my tablet. I felt that spark again. I really did. I have no job, but I felt that spark again. For a moment, the limbo didn’t seem so daunting….

Thoughts… Something along the lines of ruffled feathers. Felt that way anyway. Dictionary says Ruffle = to disturb the smoothness of regularity.To become flustered.
… app

Behind the scene...

It started out with a previous post-it sketch. I’m very fond of this drawing even though its TINY. The pockets in her hair captured the grass in the background. It’s fascinating… how it frames it like little stories. If you pop them… ?

The stories in my mind… remembering my childhood memories. It’s beginning to get blurry as I become older, slipping through my fingers… Some are vivid just like yesterday, others may have been fudged or fused with another memory… playing tricks with me. :) This is an attempt to capture them.

The process, start to finish.

Final touches…

Add bunnies and suns. Tidy up.Change background colours until happy.

… and DONE. :)

Morning tea with the ladies

My greeting cards finally arrived and I’m thrilled! Here’s my girls… enjoying each other’s company on me couch before I send them off on their separate fate.

Cards of yumminess to last me for the year and one of Randi’s on the extreme bottom left :) Gorgeous quality cards I must say, and also thanks for sharing your beautiful work Randi!

It's alright. Just put on an extra coat - ORIGINAL ART SALE

My current collection themed “It’s alright. Just put on an extra coat” is an introspective view into my childhood memories of early morning chills, nightmares, and the comforting thought that an extra coat and good scarf will keep me warm, away from harm. I hold on to these thoughts as an adult, naive as they seem, for they give me courage and remind me that the sun will rise, and things will be alright.

1. Lost in thoughts

2. Raincoat

3. Flying fish

4. Raining possums

5. Midnight

6. Sunrise

7. Hello… what’s your story?

8. Home Sweet Home

They are all available for sale. If you’re interested, drop me a bubblemail. Alternatively, if you prefer formality, the originals are also available from my Etsy shop .

Yiwen … Littlearty on Littlearty

So nice of to blog about some of my drawings. It’s awhile back in March 2011 but I just found out and am so very thrilled! They even did a collection image. Very professional I must say. Really appreciated the time and effort that’s gone into it. THANKS SWEET MASCOT!

Rejection and failure....

I just received a rejection letter for the NZ Art Show this year. Looks like I didn’t make the cut.

:( Ouch

Don’t know if I should still continue with this year’s collection? Sigh… I’ve done about 6 small pieces so far…what to do what to do?

Maybe I’ll just tidy up the ones I’ve done and upload them here and call it a day.

I know I know…. just have to keep on marching, but there’s been far more rejections than I can handle lately, what with my job hunting and now this too? I can’t help feeling a little small and somewhat insignificant.

Previous journal entry about the collection. When I was still happy and high

UPDATE: Feeling better now. Online shopping helps

For someone to like your work, you have to first like it yourself.

  • You start off with 1 fan. Yourself. If you don’t fancy what you’ve created, work on it some more. Don’t kid yourself into thinking you’re done.
  • It is OK if your partner/mother/ boyfriend/best friend doesn’t get your work. It doesn’t mean they love you ANY less.
  • When you’re lost, start small.
  • Nobody said you have to work on the same medium or style for the rest of your life. Sure, you might potentially lose most of your fans, but at least you’re growing.
  • Nobody said just because you’ve found a new style, you cannot re-visit your old style. Read the previous point.
  • I am really not fond of the word ESTABLISHED. What does that even mean. I feel that word binds me to my current status. How would you even know that you are established?? Just say who you are and what you like to do. You don’t have to
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