I feel I need to apologise again!

Last time I wrote a journal I mentioned the fact I was desperately trying to play ‘catch up’ on here. Life was getting to have the habit of being rather full and stopping me enjoying my usual redbubble activities.
Well just as I thought I was getting on top of it all, my router decided to give up the ghost and stop working :(
I’ve felt like I’ve lost a body part not having internet access! I’ve been able to get a very poor network on my mobile but that’s about it.
Thankfully though, a new router is now in place but I’m now cat sitting for a week and dividing myself between 2 households.
Just wanted to let you all know I haven’t forgotten you, and hope you won’t forget me! Children’s school holidays are coming up very soon, so hopefully I’ll be able to do a bit more catching up then. Meanwhile, as I’ve got a very busy month ahead, and I’m helping promote my hubby who’s having his head shaved for charity at the end of the month, you can always pop over to my facebook page and say hello to me there.
I have still been busy taking photographs. – A wonderful armed forces homecoming and freedom parade last week, and Stratford upon Avon River festival on Saturday. Both collages of a selection of the photos I took are on my page

I will try and catch up as and when I can :))


  • Country  Pursuits
    Country Pursuitsover 2 years ago

    Dont worry about it Sarah. We know that there is a life outside this place and RB is the last thing on my mind when I am away or come back without having net access.

    Love your Coldstream Guards pic. Saw them in Exeter last year.

  • thank you Richard, and chuffed with the photos I took, and you used in the group, thank you again :))

    – Lissywitch

  • LoneAngel
    LoneAngelover 2 years ago

    Hiya .. dont worry about it .. life is life and we all cant be in two places at the same time even if we wish we could .. lol .. take care .. Angel xx

  • bless you Angel. I really do miss being able to have my ‘me time’ on here. It’s what I enjoyed doing at the end of a busy day. Can’t wait to have a proper catch up with everyone xx

    – Lissywitch

  • joak
    joakover 2 years ago

    who are you again?…huv i seen you before?…lol

  • lololol thank you Joak, it’s that disappearing witchy woman…I’ve forgot me own name! HAHAHAHAHA

    – Lissywitch

  • Carol Knudsen
    Carol Knudsenover 2 years ago

    Having my laptop die totally and only having mobile phone to use to pop in here has made me very sympathetic to your plight Sarah of missing limbs!! So pleased you have a new router in place :) Life can be crazy sometimes….that’s what makes it interesting….lol…. :) x

  • oh nooooo! Poor you Carol :(( My mobile was worse than useless. It could just about access the preloaded apps, but try and get on here, it was having none of it!
    I admit to wishing for a windfall of money while I was buying the router, looking at all the new laptops and computers. My main pc is now 5yrs old and my laptop 3yrs. Both I know will need upgrading soon. I hate this ‘throw away’ society, where nothing is supposed to last more than 2 or 3 yrs. My router was only 3yrs old and so conveniently just out of warranty! Things should be made to last…like me :))

    – Lissywitch

  • Karen  Helgesen
    Karen Helgesenover 2 years ago

    If it ain’t one thing…it’s another! Last year my computer bit the dust…just weeks after the warranty had expired. I took it to the Apple Store to see if it could be fixed. Yes, it could! I just needed 700 dollars! My computer, when new, cost around 950. I got lucky, though….they fixed it for free. Love Mac’s…love the Apple Store! Sometimes great and wonderful things happen in the midst of chaos and a lack of $$$$$! Anyway….don’t worry about catching up…it’s just about impossible anyway! I understand completely! Look forward to seeing you and your wonderful work again….as soon as life settles down for you!

  • bless you Karen. I need a fix of redbubble for my sanity! LOL
    It was my way of winding down after a busy day, enjoy everyone’s work, add my own, have a good old chat with everyone :)
    I’m enjoying feeling needed and keeping busy, but it’s just a little too much this month! 6 weeks holiday for the children coming up should slow things down to a nice pace though.

    I would so love to own a Mac, hubby’s friend is a comptuer whizz and swears by them, unfortunately he lives in Hong Kong now, so a bit too far for him to come and fix any of my computer problems :)

    – Lissywitch

    JUSTARTover 2 years ago

    don’t worry ! x

  • bless you Sylv, so glad I can finally at least get on here, even if it is for a few minutes :)) xx

    – Lissywitch

  • kristijohnson
    kristijohnsonover 2 years ago

    We would never forget about you! xx

  • awww thank you Kristi, I’ve tried to spend some time on here tonight, but all I’ve managed to do is sort through my own posts! I suppose at least it’s a start :))

    – Lissywitch