*sigh* Sometimes people can be so ignorant.

“Thank you lisa for your comments. Thing is they contradic each other. On one hand you say that christmas needs christ then on the other you say that my view of homosexuality is mean. Thing is if you beleive in Christ then you MUST be against be again homosexuality (note I did not say homosexuals). It is a case of love the sinner but hate the sin. I have no problems telling homosexuals that the behaviour they have chosen to partake in is wrong. I am sorry if this offends you but that is my position.” – Jayson Gaskell

I simply meant that Christmas.. while a wonderful commercial holiday- and a great celebration of something that didn’t even occur on that day- is actually mostly taken from the Pagan holiday Yule. The dates almost nearly coincide, and the traditions of both are quite alike. Back in the days of Religious takeover… it was the way to ‘humanize’ the pagans.

how can someone preach about a subject – when they only know half the information?

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