Lisa Tenzin-Dolma is an author, journalist, illustrator and canine psychologist, with twelve non-fiction books and a novel published.

The pictures on Red Bubble are from The Glastonbury Tarot book and card deck, which Lisa wrote and illustrated. The Glastonbury Tarot was published in 1999 by Gothic Image Publishers in Europe, and Weiser Inc in the US and Canada. At the moment the card and book set are out of print and classed as a rare book, so copies on amazon and eBay sell for very high prices, but a new special edition will be published by Papaveria Press in Winter 2011.

The Glastonbury Tarot cards are featured in a Hollywood movie called The Commune, and were also the subject of a television programme for ITV in the UK.

The images in The Glastonbury Tarot cards are based on landscapes around Glastonbury, England, an area rich in mythology and legends, history and mysticism. The Major Arcana images blend together Arthurian, Christian and Pagan lore – from the ancient oaks, Gog and Magog, to the Druid King Arviragus, the arrival of Joseph of Arimathea, uncle of Jesus, and the building of the first Christian church in the Western Isles, to the Arthurian legends, these cards explore several fascinating spiritual and philosophical eras. Local people whom Lisa felt embodied the archetypal figures in the tarot modelled for the card paintings.

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