I'm Back... Did You Miss Me?

Well that’s it! My marathon painting session is over. I finished on Friday but I’ve been having a few days of well deserved ‘me’ time.

Luckily I didn’t need to travel anywhere which meant working from home! The paintings, which are all of my little kitty characters Sox and Oreo, are only 5 inches square so I just had to post them off to the gallery when I’d finished. Exactly how I like it: no fuss! Mind you, I’ve needed some strong will power….. having the computer within arms reach is so distracting!

I’ve had a few sales while I’ve been slaving away which is good. I wasn’t expecting much with the current credit crunch to be honest. I sold 2 copies of my calendar which was a lovely surprise…

and I’ve also sold a few things over at Zazzle. One of which is another set of my peekaboo stamps. I think that’s the 9th set of those particular stamps that I’ve sold.

I’ve still got loads of catching up to do both here and over on Zazzle but before I go and do some more of that, here’s what I’ve been doing during my ‘me’ time!

It’s a little early for pumpkin carving but I just couldn’t resist when I saw them while I was out food shopping! =D

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