Observations from inside a train wreck

Each morning she would dress in a grey suit making only one change, a colourless shirt. Her hair twisted and knotted tightly to her scalp with six bobby pins. Today her shirt was crimson, her hair thrown loose. She looked alive. I watched her float above herself; I’m sure I saw her smile a sultry satisfaction as her lips touched her own. I wondered if this was an act of goodbye or an act of loving self acceptance.

Each night he would dress to kill inside his mafia fixation, he carried a knife and nightmares. On the city streets strutting with his crew he looked for fist connection spreading his peacock wings for all the half pretty girls that passed by. He was angry; I noticed it in the bile that slid down his chin. He looked dead. I watched him float above himself; I know I did for he shot a venom look right at me. He punched at his face, screamed wake up you motherfucker. Then took out his knife and sliced his own throat goodbye.

Each afternoon she rode the train it was a daily ritual, like eating breakfast, dressing and thinking a million thoughts. Her destination a train of strangers, they asked nothing they were living. She looked ready. I watched her float around the carriage stopping at each person to shake their still hand. I know for she threw me a serene smile that warmed the chill that had been shrouding my observations. She returned to her body and placed herself back inside. Then took my hand in a firm grip that I will never be able to shake off and spoke wisdom words.

One can’t forgive until they forget.

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Observations from inside a train wreck by 


  • ozjami
    ozjamiover 5 years ago

    OMG ……..WOW !!
    Fantastic Lisa,your best yet !!

  • VelvetGirl
    VelvetGirlover 5 years ago

    Oh I really love this Lisa, it’s very touching and beautiful! xxxx

  • PJ Ryan
    PJ Ryanover 5 years ago

    Clever girl .. i love this new style too :)

    There’s a lot in this .. a sort of spiritual tale with a gorgeous philosophical edge (which you do so well) ..

    I’m going to read this a few times ..


  • bearpaw
    bearpawover 5 years ago

    i’m speechless xox

  • MarkezzAckui ...
    MarkezzAckui ...over 5 years ago

    So it’s like five in the morning and I just came across this piece…..interesting writing….I like it….and I admire your courage to try something new…….this is one I will read over and over because there are so many hidden real life messages here…..thanks for getting my creative juices flowing this morning

  • Leon A.  Walker
    Leon A. Walkerover 5 years ago

    Holy Shit Lisa!!! I go away for a few months and you really go away. Well I can’t say I did not enjoy it but I would have some questions. Keep it up.

  • Rhana Griffin
    Rhana Griffinover 5 years ago

    This is certainly different, and one that will bear re-reading many times to discover all the subtle nuances you have weaved through and about your words.

    That last line… One can’t forgive until they forget. leaves me pondering. For have always found the forgiveness part easy, but the forgetting is sometimes beyond me. So, in essence, if I haven’t forgotten, have I truly forgiven? Or am I just deluding myself?

  • Suzanne German
    Suzanne Germanover 5 years ago

    the last line…..very interesting….i wonder though, if you forget…are you also forgetting what and why you are forgiving?…and doesn’t remembering and re-framing make the forgiveness…just some thoughts.

  • Lisa  Jewell
    Lisa Jewellover 5 years ago

    Some of my thoughts:

    I think it is important to move toward forgetting, that in actual fact the process should be utmost.
    If we really deal with hurts – then they cease to have power. If they cease to hurt, if they cease to control, then I am suggesting that forgiveness is a natural progression of this process.

    It is easy to say you forgive a person/event….but if that event continues to haunt it will affect your relation toward yourself and to a person(s).

    I am using forgetting; not in its absolute. I am not referring to forgetting that if I place my hand in a fire it will burn.

  • Suzanne German
    Suzanne Germanover 5 years ago

    hi lisa….this is interesting dialogue you’ve opened up here! see for me, it means something to remember how things/situations/people/and myself were in the given situation say, and then later…when reflecting understand things not just from my own perspective but also from their’s. that’s what I mean by reframing…..seeing the same thing in a different ligjt…so this helps me learn, understand and grow…well that’s the intention anyway!
    Remembering then can mean for me, seeing something in the present that happened in the past in a way that not only frees pain but also makes me stronger.
    Getting a bit deep here I know, but this is interesting and meaningful stuff.
    I know what you mean about haunts, and in seeing things differently, they do not remain haunts i suppose. make sense?

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