Gosh, I’ve seen many Redbubble updates and changes, and it is wearing and frankly each change has shaved off the wood of my enthusiasm for this place, until now I am nothing but shavings on the floor.

someone please blow me away for good…..


  • David Murphy
    David Murphyover 1 year ago

    Can’t help but agree Lisa….am blowing away the fires!

  • Good luck with that, David. It really has an ouchie impact, it might just be the final one I witness, I never thought I’d say that.

    – Lisa Jewell

  • Shanina Conway
    Shanina Conwayover 1 year ago

    It’s like a morgue here compared to the old days when it was a creative buzz hub!

    I hope they’re selling lots of tee’s and stickers, but would have thought a vibrant artistic community would have been more valuable. ….I only drop in now…hugs hon you still are an ace at turning a phrase;)

  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstoneover 1 year ago

    I’ve been out all day and missed the announcement…. clearly…

  • Lore and Oida (The Plume)
    Lore and Oida ...over 1 year ago

    i only started using rb ’cause it was a place for me to store my writings cause i was and still am good at misplacing things.

    so although i agree with you i also couldn’t care less:)

    miss you x

  • sandra .
    sandra .over 1 year ago

    It has warmed my heart some to see your smiling face here, Lisa.
    I first joined the bubble in August 2007 and you were one of the very first poets/writers I read…I remember how glam you looked in your red jacket and gorgeous little hat, I also remember the way you wrote/write, it is magical and I was enthralled. I took a soft shoe shuffle thru the ‘all time popular’ writes recently, (not sure now how we find them). So so many friends have moved on (and you would know the many I mean). Change hey? :)
    Lisa, I value and appreciate your wonderful poetry and generous caring nature. Aren’t we lucky duckys ? Catch you on yer blog and the ole FB
    xoxoxo Sandra 22 :)

  • TheWanderingBoo
    TheWanderingBooover 1 year ago

    totally agree…

  • Tony Wilder
    Tony Wilderover 1 year ago

    I agree with Sandra, you were on of the first writers I knew here when I joined. I so hope you are not leaving and I could not bear one more friend leaving. I hope you are well and please do not go, maybe we can start things up again somehow. There is so much energy and creativity here that I feel has been dormant. I know in myself it was hard to keep posting when everyone left. Some of the people I thought were such good friends just left over a period of a few weeks. Anyway, you are one of the cornerstones here for me. I hope you are well and I hope you continue on writing here Lisa.

  • AmandaWitt
    AmandaWittover 1 year ago

    That’s an interesting way of viewing it. I miss our regular gatherings.

  • Rich Ladig
    Rich Ladigover 1 year ago

    I’ve been shaving all my life…welcome to the real world dear Lisa LOL!
    Haven’t heard the latest fiasco…but it is sure to go beyond my imagination!!!
    x to ya :)

  • Rich Ladig
    Rich Ladigover 1 year ago

    just noticed it…Haha!