Strange thinking will get you to places you would… Strange thinking wrapped in newspaper just landed in the middle of my kitchen table. My first thought was fish and chips: not that I have … now you might think differently there is a story that walks with me / if I was normal / you would see my underneath / and the brush of my heart / would invite a Parisia… woman of straw She thought about the mysteries of life as often as man thought about sex. On a wet Saturday afternoon the tin of her heart wondered if the… last dance so. / you let your heart out for one last dance / knowing only sad dreams / and / your twin with come home eyes and history / watches / sh… often: brave I often talk about biting my lower lip. It is true, I do bite it. I often talk about living with a broken heart. It is true, it is broke… Dear Friend, Have you noticed of late the light is being used differently and the dark is settling into places it once feared to tread? The wind no lo… mercy her alabaster lip / pouted / seductively / her tangled spirit / rolled / achingly / her desire for touch / spilled / into waiting hand… Substantial Sustenance He places a chopping block and knife / on the cedar kitchen bench / places his heart upon it / and slices into juliette strips / into a m… Open Book in the privacy of a solitary moment / you will find me / thumbing her spine / methodically tracing each embossed letter / savouring her … Creation of Love a puppeteer strokes the strings / of his polished masterpiece / his tears lubricate joints / fingertips caress her smooth form / as… Renaissance visions crawled into her mouth / the moment it clawed the earth / greedily she shovelled / grinding grit between her teeth / desperate … Vein I’m going to drain a vein / excommunicating / the dark characters / with their torture machines / to a barren land / a land with no lif… Suit If I articulate / in eloquent prose / the story of the joker card / that mocks my deck / would I win you over? / will you sit with me / wh… fuck you (Mature) Vending Machine All her stock is neatly placed / inside a vending machine / (1) A heart, buoyantly beautiful / (2) A brain of curious questions / (3) A b… betrayal why have you forsaken her? / panning ventricles out of watery blood, bone and flesh / sucking the marrow out of the girl of ever so faith… sleep, death and hemlock It was an ordinary Sunday morning. The highway grass was just stirring. Morpheus had departed on the last boat to heaven and the underworl… distil in a sudden and transitory brave moment / I stood still / to catch the hands of the kitchen clock move backwards / locked inside my ever s… ink pot It was a snow white day when the mirror first exposed the life altering sign. The pot was invoked. She is not a writer after all, had been … gone fishing Mysteries feast on my star, yet as their gentleman season reaches my black back mind, they are halted. Nothing to see. Move on…reveals… Br… and the mysteries complete me I noted in purple ink, the bonfire story / surveying through the ceiling window the bleeding damage / the idea of eating your yearning-fi… my father who art in heaven i was tracing soft black moments when a lick of salty wind brushed a soothing beauty into my too weak to fly flesh. / twilight. / falling… for you, love the night is myrrh lush and oh so frankincense painted pretty / my shoe laces are undone / and the strap of my thinking has snapped free / … knock dusk / . / . / . / and the / hills exorcise a succubus / the eagle sitting at the round table / is tired of shadows / and mere me mortal… Is this unusual? Once upon a Calvary there lived a man with a pocket in his heart. He kept his troth in this pocket. / It happened as great inked romances … 12 daffodil bulbs The window to the jumbled world was sealed tightly with April air. Sarah latched onto the scent of his blood and pointed a smile at Jupite… Mum Mum. / and going home with the bluebird tucked under your broken wing / is thorny and embedded in your crown / but the forever shoulder … “Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If… Dear Clementia, / A man newly fashioned out of catcher in the rye driftwood, nurses a stoic solider lip, quivering. His name is known by a… Imperfection on hands and knees Rebecca swayed to the heartbeat of mother earth / she swayed as the sienna sun circled the periwinkle moon / earth und… don’t get knotted There is a knot in the tie that hangs loosely around my neck. It is after the Windsor knot it is a clove hitch knot, this knot was tied wh… why not The things of youth and hunger live on in the buds of my tongue; I can feel their mind as I scrape my tongue between my front teeth. A pi… Ink will find a hole to seep through Lily tucked two mousey brown wisps of hair (that had escaped the roughly styled french twist) behind her ears. She had woken to a morning… when my heart stops beating Nemesis, winged into the guise of Eros / her lips she painted a crimson hubris / under a street lamp she swirled the day fall bile into … Story of the wheel turns oddly Snooping wind circled around my head. I felt my head move from side to side. At one point I had a vision of my head toppling into the bas… to turn or not to turn It has been an elongated and worthy day. I have had time to contemplate. Not the in between distraction sophistry. A brain striptease. … just there is a melt / Midas / tried the poison touch / the Archangel prayed for the dark night / singing / suck me anew – please / there… Lure of the chair Sitting in the same chair at Olivia’s Café had become a stealth and sensual operation. A Saturday treat. Timing was indeed everything. / B… seed It’s never lotion on your skin when you see division in his eyes. Sorry stings my going down into that place nobody can reach. The sorry … laying low tonight / the hero rests in the crook of the neck of so it is / voices lullaby eyes directed at nothing stays down / fingertips smooth f… yes please leper skin / voyages to the medieval sun / meets photosynthesis heart, producing black hole silk grafts / yesteryear heart stop – hea… witchy brew smells true the matter. the fever. / Two heads are not better than one if one head has faulty wiring. / The banks of a crystal flowing creek no longer… tapping the keys Sincerely. A dashed line is signed in swollen love. Broken promise. / Being a secret child of under the bridge, you soon realise that livi… Nymph rooted in willowy wind / tenderly tending the bride garden / spewing a river into the grotto of my broken down heart / releasing a towe… came out the same door as the one I went in white / back up your mind / scratch your initials into the black / eat up / the out of sight / take the lid off the noise / strap your hear… first time first time I ran away from home I was seven. I packed my school bag with my fluffy stuffed dog, my swap cards and pj’s. I ran as far as m… willing silence / blood threaded / follows / a lone stare / you should not worry / if going home is no longer there / I / will carry your shut… drowning backstroking / through the sea of letters / Oceanids / seduced / the ink living in my veins / i sank / scratching at the dry pain circul… A special man I win time in his golden palm / tracing each footstep etched in the lines that crisscross his past, present and future / his words curl a… freefall claim. / relax. / cleanse. / expand. / radiate. / allow / the die down. / place / your heart on the altar / visualise / a station / ge… bowing my head in reverence i climbed the accent of your mind / (toting my black and white heart) / to the doorway branded with the soul alphabet / i raised your root… one layer gone the light and dark will always be … I know of the art deco pick a part mirror / and the get up to the cock crow thrice / Alexandre Dumas / painted with words a man into an ir… i know it it is in the secret other things / a million dollar splendour is / stashed in the steeple spouting from my crown / the oak scaffold / hol… benediction for the unknown i thought of you / alone / wrestling / with the dancing pages / i held / the night / i comforted the drums / with / my Celtic tongu… eleventh hour you did not expect to wake / as you did not mean to acquiesce / in the love / and end with wounds that split your atom / or / you did expec… now Yesterday. / the beautiful soul child / left / I did not send her away / she fell in love with all the simple things / I had no idea h… translucent If you can hear me before you focus on turning over then just perhaps I’ve seeped into your shelter. This is the love I think of. The eq… a simple tram ride It was a nervous tram. The ride was under the moon. Not one star. My lips felt new. A sentimental current flayed the sea, spreading bl… tell me it / is not always tied with a ribbon of clichés / i walked home alone / again. / my shadows / brushed / a centre piece / i am the very … unbraiding my lips There is nothing pretty about buzzard conversations. Circling. / You want the prettiest thing. A sugar dusted simulacra. / I watch you in t… sigh I watched the clouds move and change form as I stood with my back to the ivy tower that surrounds my home. I had a serene moment after an … serial i was not going to write. i was going to sit in my green velvet wingback chair and stare into the dusk light and count down the change to … i’ve got to see you it is not the same way every time i close my eyes / oh but the runaway / calls me to safety / there is a budding haven / a / i knew you… and the cave is drawing me in words are hard to score when your heart is bereft. I understand change. I don’t have to always like it. I miss you. / when did love star… the sum of our constituent parts is plugged soulf… the material crisscross of all I have experienced (to date) / sways / to the clicking melody / of my homeward shoes / I met you on the yel… this is the day when nothing hides i spent time / with the valley Queen’s / their will illuminated my temple wall / a soul / aching / for one white rose / or / at the ve… my cave and into it Linaji created It happened the moment my eyes dug into my very own Mount Sinai and the chilled forgotten mist settled between my teeth. / Sin rose in my s… true love goes to places it wishes dreaming down a familiar footpath / I felt my back tightly grip the wall / once in our time / my lack of sanity / made his smile / bree… free falling and I wish you happiness would you like me to tell you about / the sugar cane / becoming the candy apple / a sweet / nemesis eating your grass skirt / the / ech… betwixt two He could not have realised. It was just another day. There had been no signs laced into his dream. The morning was as it was the previou… auspicious I woke with the fallen angel / licking apocalyptic shiva(s) into my holy land / boring into my bones / he sucked away the stained marrow o… the in between when morning breaks / newborn sunlight / filters through the sheer calico curtains / touching my eyelids / with purple and orange / in t… a love entered my dream I dreamt my perfect lover / lived / he kept time with the ebb and flow of my captivated membrane / misplacement chased away disgrace / h… Taboo The archetypal Amish star quilt of all colours / mummified my body / inviting me into a dream of the heavens / Inanna braided her underwo… Perception makes one sense, reality another, fant… hooded Naja naja / neurotoxin wedding bells, toll / your bloodthirsty mongoose waits in a penguin suit / Minerva slashed Arachne’s loom … wish a relic joy and life as it is a dancing queen bestowed the honour of guarding her family heirloom / while she sang to the restless night / the seeds of apple angels /… a dream is only stolen by loss of memory a salty secret imbedded in a thorn / quarters in my bottom lip / i dreamt a faceless shadow / lingered a step behind my deepest move /… The pier and the stained shadow the string bowed between her heart and mind / snapped free / as she sank through / her whirlpool creation / all she had wanted to do /… or Picture. / Long ago a precious liar clothed in linen spewed a river of sorrow, a million mile black river that flows into your bleeding hea… Benediction for Hildegard Hildegard / on high / hear my mortal limitation / you righteously poured / Spiritus Sanctus / into your words / you created your very o… banks of a crystal flowing creek I asked my best friend / to braid my broken veins / on the banks of crystal flowing creek / he said / “I am almost out of time” / I wat… Home is the imagination and reality There are cracks in every square inch of plasterboard. I spend vacant hours making cracking designs. Last night it was a jungle safari. Th… Glove Dreaming I am no longer salty flesh / inside a dream / I am a woollen glove / knitting a dream / that each finger is passionately worn / not only du… Unholy Thinking Her thinking is desperate as she shores up winter stores. / __________________________________________________________________ / Surmising… Lioness I’ll spit a cat into your eye / if you deliver your witless sticky spit / into her face once more / I’m tired of wiping your dregs away /… Decree If my house brings you disrepute / I solemnly decree / Before your witness / and that of each standing / between us / I shall disrobe each… joan Joan / felt a chill / she was not afraid / tied to the last secret / flames left her breathless / water / glistened on her memory bund… Surreal an anchor / smothered by barnacles / behaving like leeches / sighs deeply / waits momentarily / carves into middle earth / following direct… You cry then you smile then at last you see He told me about the demon shadows playing inside his mind. He cried asking me why he felt things he was certain he should not. / A neck ve… That splendiferous moment before cogitation The moon beamed a spotlight on the poker face / I’d thrown to the floor the night before / On the bedside table / the meandering map yawn… Nugget fathom / a typical moment / cored / __________________________________________________________________ / be brave / capture a transient t… Wax Lyrical A startling apparition exited the female change room / wrapped in a white towelling dressing gown / deliberately she moved past the numbere… Ink by Lisa  Jewell for ink collection  by Lisa  Jewell