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I Always Loved My Art Teachers...

They respected the materials, lied out the pencils, spread the paper, prepared the rooms, arranged the easels and readied the paint it was like walking into a haven. The time spent creating was always in a respectful hush.

This October I get to teach again – I know many of you have been asking when I might start classes once more well I am pleased to announce that I will be joining the very wonderful Arthouse Direct and teaching Children’s and Adult Classes.

Full details and bookings here

I do look forward to meeting with you soon.


And What of Love............

Lots people have blogs I have one myself…

I find I air the strangest things via my blog its a collection of my favorite things – some opinion and rah-rah.

This entry is somewhat personal – call it indulgent, anyway I have discovered an artists works I love and some images of his are also there.

And What of Love

I hope I don’t regret this.