MacKillop Family Services Contributions and the Government

I have just spent this evening at with 25 or so children and adults at a Children’s Art Workshop hosted by MacKillop Family Services and myself.

This is my fourth year contributing to the event and spending time with the beautiful children and families, carers, workers and social workers, many of the kids I have seen every year, some have new siblings in tow – baby capsules, some of the toddlers are now at school, the young teens that were tween ages last time I had seen them.

When I first started with the Art Workshops we had a small group, we are now working towards offering the art workshops as a permanent part of the MacKillop structure, my involvement is purely voluntary but offers me more rewards than I could possibly begin to iterate.

Tonight I took my young son Max with me he is 9 years old and is quite familiar with the occasional workshop, it was interesting to see him within this group, it taught me a lot about the boy I have raised. As the Children’s privacy is protected I am not at liberty to disclose any details but I will say every child was a delight.

After a long day at school, a 45 minute drive, 35 minutes setting up and a 2 hour class Max tirelessly washed a hoard of brushes and palettes, he loved it and did every single one, we adults left cleaning up were all tired but he kept happily washing along.

We drove home very happily and the families that attended were thrilled with their children’s art all on artist canvases, which will later be exhibited and auctioned – details to follow.

If Children are afforded the luxury of a childhood chances are they will grow up with the promise of a positive future. Childhood is a precious time, it is a time when the young are at the mercy of their position and do not question it, childhood is the time to get it right.

These are my personal opinions I am not a specialist in the field these comments are not endorsed by Mac Killop Family Services. Some government agencies were recently slayed by the press, the services are underfunded and overstretched, if you would like to contribute positively towards these issues please do so here contribution.

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