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Grants Pass, United States

The night I met God in a dream

So, we had just got back from a youth conference where we saw people get healed, touched in a deep way, saved, enjoy peace, love, tears, and worshiping God like nothing else mattered to some freaking awesome music, I mean a bunch of crazy awesome stuff, and I came back with this passion to see God. Now before you disclaim this because it’s a dream, I’ll just say there are people who have seen God in visions and in person, in body and in spirit, in heaven and on the earth, so I think a dream is legit enough :) now if that don’t tweak you just right, I don’t know what will, lol. :D Anyways, I actually drug out my my mattress from me and my brothers bunk bed out into the living room, and every night put on worship music and just worshiped God for a bit, before praying and asking God to see Him and for the Holy Spirit to put me to bed (many times standing in front of my bed, and seeing if I felt Him do it, sometimes He did, and that was cool). Anyways, one night, my dream starts by me and a friend being led through these rooms, bound and blindfolded (I had an outside view), though they could have been gags (it’s been a long time since I recounted this dream). The rooms they led us through were all identical, and each one had I think about 3 sets of stars going in different directions, and we kept going up this one stairwell that had a door on the end that led into the next room. After going through quite a bit of these rooms, we finally came to one that was different. This room if I recall currently was a half round room, with a slanted floor slanting in steps up to the narrower part and we were at the bottom end. The floors were like a dark blackish/white shiny marble. At the bottom they untied us and I immediately headed for the top of the room where there was another door. They had my friend down at the bottom standing in a waist deep pool of blue water surrounded by warm yellow illuminated walls and had this mad scientist-like helmet on him with wires and such. they didn’t follow me, and I headed for the door. It was a resilient pure white door, and leading up to the door were these stairs like I’ve never seen before. The color was white, with a bit of clear grey crystal mixed in to the overall texture (I think), and I believe they were illuminated by lights underneath. They were slabs in close sets of three to make up one step, each slab slightly past the one beneath it, kind of sloping up with the staircase. And just before I touched the doorknob I looked back and saw my friend, and knew that I couldn’t leave him. I’m gonna go on a quick rabbit trail with the next paragraph, so if you want to continue, just skip it :)
Rabbit trail: As I told my youth pastor at the time about it, she told me that she had had a vision one time of Heaven, and that the same door I saw (and maybe the steps, don’t remember) was the same door she saw before she entered Heaven. And while she was there she saw these flowers (which will be relevant in a minute) that went through your legs when you walked through them, and had colors that just aren’t describable, and that when you walked past them they turned like they could see you. Reason why that is important, is because just like the door, she had this vision before hearing the testimony of a man who actually visited Heaven, and in his testimony, he describes the exact same flowers :D I think I almost walked into Heaven in my dream! See the step up, dream-vision-visited, door was shared-flowers were shared, all before we’d ever heard the testimony of the other, lol. Ok, end rabbit trail.
So, I went back down to help my friend, they hooked me up to that weird helmet thing and flipped a switch. Me and my friend were supposed to be zapped to their facility. But that didn’t happen. Instead, me and my friend found ourselves in a mystical place. We were standing on a bumpy, flat layer of dark clouds, yet it was supposed to be the floor of this place we were at, and where ever we stepped, our feet were outlined with an electrical blue. The sky around us was a dull orange color with storm clouds moving. We started walking forward. And there in front of us were three (I wanna say bronze or gold, I think bronze) thrones, in whom were seated three individuals who were, all light. The one in the middle got up, I knew it was the Father, he greeted us by giving each of us a huge pick bear hug and then picking us both up at the same time in the same fashion. That really spoke to me, because it was really a Father like thing to do, and I love hugs, lol. I can’t remember if there was any dialog at that point, but their was joy and peace, and then the Father handed us over to Jesus who took us over to this brick monument, with a bronze plate, that had a strange language and symbols on it. He started explaining to us that it was speaking about the mysteries of His love that was going to change the world. The appearance of this event was as if He had been talking to us for a while, yet the actual passing of the moment in the dream was fairly quick. then Jesus told us it was time for us to go, and He gestured with Hand to the edge of this place we were at. It was like a bronze wall, with just about an inch protruding past the cloud floor that we stood on. I peaked down the side and realized we were on a very high platform, a kind of strong hold perhaps, one that reached past the cloud layers below, I couldn’t even see the bottom. So me and my friend jumped off with complete confidence, and as we rushed passed the sides of the bronze structure I noticed their were statues protruding from it. We fell through the cloud layer and everything just became a blur because we were falling so fast, and suddenly, we were sitting in the room we were supposed to have gone when the bad guys flipped the switch. But we weren’t in other pool where we should have transported to and we had been gone for longer than expected. We got off the ledge we were sitting on and walked around. everyone was just staring at us with mouths wide open because they knew we had gone through some sort of experience. Their were hospital beds and people in gowns all over. I believe we just walked out. The next scene I’m by myself sneaking through another part of the place, particularly dark and gloomy with like one or just a few hospital beds, I don’t remember if I spoke to one of the guys or not, but I headed for the exit, which was basically just a bunch of pillars that created the wall to the place, so you could just walk in and out if you went through all the pillars, and as I made it to the outside, the scene turned to these army men who where quietly and quickly running into the place through the pillars with their guns ready, and the impression was they were going to free all the people in that place. And then I woke up. That dream was actually pretty life changing for me too. It was awesome, and the emotions I felt were soooo strong, it was like it was really happening, and I was longing to be back in that place with God when I woke up. So ya, lol, cool dream. : )

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