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Love: The Origen and the Meaning of Life

LOVE! =D It’s the deepest mystery, and the highest attainment in this life, and in the life to come. It’s what prompted God to make humanity, and it’s what makes the world go round. Love is what brings two people together: in friendship, in marriage. True love, what will keep those relationships together even in tough times—obviously, don’t let yourself be abused, but don’t walk away from something beautiful just because you had a fight, or because times are tough, work through it (adversity makes strong when you come out the other side). Love is one of the elemental aspects of the nature of God as we are taught in the Bible. I believe that was deposited in mankind as a key factor of who we are (made in the image of God) and it’s something …

End of the World.... the facts

Lol, ok, so personally I didn’t know it was supposed to be the end of the world until like, that weekend. Previously when I had seen the sign, I thought it was just a talk show, lol. So, here are the facts:

1. The Bible sais that no man knows the day or hour of Jesus’ coming (not even Jesus Himself), it is for the Father to know and Him only. So then, how can mathematics tell any person the day or hour that Jesus is coming? God praises us if we can tell that we are in the season of the end times and to pray for the ‘latter rain’ which is a end times revival that will be twice if not three times more powerful than when the Holy Spirit came on Pentecost, but no one knows the day or the hour.

2. The Bible also sais that Jesus cannot come back until all nations, al…

The night I met God in a dream

So, we had just got back from a youth conference where we saw people get healed, touched in a deep way, saved, enjoy peace, love, tears, and worshiping God like nothing else mattered to some freaking awesome music, I mean a bunch of crazy awesome stuff, and I came back with this passion to see God. Now before you disclaim this because it’s a dream, I’ll just say there are people who have seen God in visions and in person, in body and in spirit, in heaven and on the earth, so I think a dream is legit enough :) now if that don’t tweak you just right, I don’t know what will, lol. :D Anyways, I actually drug out my my mattress from me and my brothers bunk bed out into the living room, and every night put on worship music and just worshiped God for a bit, before prayin…

Dragon Slayer

Probably as many of you do, I used to have nightmares. It was bad, I mean scary stuff, and pretty much most nights. One night, and I made it a tradition, to ask God to give me weapons that worked, to be brave and not scared, to feel His presence with me, and to cut off the enemy’s head (the scary things), amongst other things. That night, I had a dream, me and some friends were passing by a familiar scenario, them heading towards the exit of a building after some ordeal, and just before the exit, I would get deterred to a hallway with a write wooden door on the end, and I would slowly, compulsively, move forward hearing deathly whispers, and just before touching the door would wake up in a cold sweat. Only this time, I had a sword on me, a long two handed sword. Instead of bein…

Just some thoughts to a statement about evolution... Please note, if you believe in evolution I will still respect you, and expect that you respect me as well :)

So, I heard a comment from whom I won’t say, that evolution is the key behind all biology, and that it was irresponsible not to teach our kids about it, and that it was ungrownup and unscientific to say or think otherwise. I didn’t want to cause a big controversy with the person who reposted it, but I wanted to at least post it on hear as a journal, feel free to state your opinion, and if you don’t get ugly about it, we can have a nice discussion, so here’s what I said:
… it’s been scientifically proven that macro evolution can’t happen, biologically, chemically, all the lly’s, lol. it was one man’s idea 100 years ago that got backed by some very wealthy people, he himself said if the evolution process is based upon complex parts build…

The Problem

The problem is not that God is unwilling to show Himself or that He is unprovable or non-consistent, the problem, is that we thinking we know it all, pass by it all on our attepts to explain things without Him. There are plenty of things you can go and abserve God doing today, but if you’re in the wrong circles you’ll probably never hear about them and thus never seek them out, and thus base all your theories based apon… you’re knowledge base, which has excluded everything concerning God because you have not sought it out, thus you haven’t seen them, or even thought about them. And of course in such a state of not knowing God’s nature, much less the things He does that you can see with your own eyes—then the larger things that you can see, even ac…

Reality of the Unseen

Eternity is so much greater and more real than this short time here on earth. The only resaon we see it differently is because we are born here, and for many, it is all they have ever or will ever see until they cross over to the other side after death. Then we will see that eternity is so much better… or worse than this short time on earth.
“For God has bound all men over to disobedience so that He may have mercy on them all” Romans 11:32

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