Copplestone, Devon, United Kingdom

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i have been a practising artist since 2000, I studied art at Weston college getting a diploma in art and design. I also studied at Bristol UWE and finished my fine art degree in 2000. I have shown my art in Bristol, Weston-S-Mare, Totnes, and Exeter.
My art practise is mainly concerned with women’s art and and the use of crafts mostly associated with the work of women. Sewing, bead work, weaving,embroidery and basket making.
I have recently become more interested in photography and i am trying hard to learn as much as i can about it.
If you would like to purchase any of the Original art work shown here please contact me though my bubble mail address below. thank you so much for looking at my work.!"!
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also view my work on my bubblesite for linsads

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strange email 2

R16xOC <a href="">ezkymrafxixs</a>, [url=]pslzykmdjnau[/url], [link=]iqnnapmdcckm[/link], / — Sent via your BubbleSite on RedBubble / this time sent by Cicjqs any ideas what it means?? should i report it to RB ? / cheers
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strange email

hi / not sure what this is all about but i have had an email which came into my own inbox with yahoo from some one called fidutp! it was addressed:- / fidutp [redbubble] message from fidutp / in the email it was just gobbledgook as far as i could make out!! anyone else had such a thing? i have just thought i should check to see if he/her is on RB! / shall check it out now! / cheers :o))
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