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I grew up in lower Michigan with a truely deep love for all things furry. I started drawing portraits of my own pets as a child and that soon grew into drawing pet portraits for others as gifts and keepsakes. Upon my high school graduation, I was awarded a full art scholarship and with that chose to attend Seina Heights University of Adrain, Mi. There I majored in Fine Arts. During my college years, I worked as a dog groomer to earn extra money for art supplies. Believing at the time, my love for dogs to be a greater calling than that of my art, I chose to pursue the dog world further and became a Master Canine Trainer, specializing in canine aggression and problem behavior. I kept this as my career until my mid 30’s at which time I aquired a few horses. Being in the presence of these magnigicent creatures inspired me so, that I picked up a paint brush again. I found that having had time to mature, painting was a total thrill and on top of that, my work could now reflect the love and years I have spent with animals. I specialize in close up portraits so that all those who view my work might be touched by the true essence and spirit that each of my subjects posses. I take great pride in my work and sincerely hope you enjoy your visit.. Lin Morin

  • Joined: March 2008