Should You? (gestures of love and compassion)

Open the door for an elderly person
At the store on a blistery day.

Nod with acknowledgment and say have a nice day
To the tired and overworked clerk bagging your wares.

Blow a kiss to the crying child in the cart
Catch it in the air if he blows one back.

Reach for that product way up on that shelf
The shorter person struggles to get for himself.

Smile at a stranger as you pass them by
Speaking good mornings make them wonder why.

Pull out the chair for your lady to seat
Pour her glass of wine when ready to eat.

Pour that cup of coffee for your spouse
Bring it too them, set it down.

Offer to take off that stuck lid on the jar
When they are struggling with it, its too hard.

Visit a nursing home and share some laughter and wit
Amazing what you will get back from it.

Read a great story to a sick and tired soul
Memory of that special moment forever you will hold.

Kiss the bruise on a small child’s knee
Bandage it with love and play gleefully.

Join in with the song even if you do not know the words
Hum it and feel the joy the tune brings to your ears.

Say thank you to all who are deserving of so
Spread peace and love in our world.


Linmarie- written-02/13/2010

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Should You? (gestures of love and compassion) by 

some things I have made a mental note of when out in the world,, doors shut in faces, frowns, grumpy clerks, crying babies ignored, the list goes on and on, these are just a few I wanted to share,, what a difference we could make in this world with simple gestures of kindness and acknowledgment.


love, kindness, manners, honor, gestures

I am a self taught artist and have drawn and painted since I could hold crayons or a pencil in my hands..
My brain is an attic filled with treasures yet to be explored or recreated.. I am a Veteran,a wife, a mom, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter and a teacher!!! My pallet is full of life, color and energy.. I hope you will see and feel that in all of my artwork.

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  • Kelelina
    Kelelinaover 4 years ago

    Bravo!! Very very true!! Love this write … just a simple gesture can mean so very much to someone else … Very well said! excellent write Linmarie!

  • thanks Cheryl,, most of what I see comes down to good old manners as well,, but I don’t see it being taught or practiced these days,, but gestures come from the heart,, I love you for reading it peace and love to you linmarie

    – linmarie

  • Jonice
    Joniceover 4 years ago

    Wonderful work!

  • thanks so much Jonice,, happy you liked it,, peace and love,, have a wonderful day, linmarie

    – linmarie

  • eoconnor
    eoconnorover 4 years ago

    Linemarie wonderful wonderful write send this out across bubbleland it is so true and uplifting !!LIZ

  • LOL!!!!! I am trying,, so many groups do not except written works,, so I have put in each one I can so far,, happy you liked it,, it is the simple things that make us smile,, everytime my hubby opens the car door, any door for me to walk in I feel like a goddess,,I have had young fellas beat me to a door at a store,, swing it open walk through for it too slam in my face,,if my sons every did that MOMMA would jack slap them and they know it,, LOL!! another good one was seeing elderly struggling in the stores and I am shocked how many walk right by and do not bother to ask them if they can help,, IT just sends ice spikes up my spine, it is so rewarding when they smile and thank you for the help,, if people only realized it,, they get a reward back for kind gestures too,, it is a two way street,, oh,,, I should have put that in the poem,, oh well,, have a great day Liz,, you are an awesome friend, peace and love linmarie

    – linmarie

  • oscarelizondo
    oscarelizondoover 4 years ago

    I’ve always been like this, this is what makes me who I am and through the years I have done each and everyone with my heart. Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments of politeness and kindness with us. The way you marvelously expressed it here signifies your talent, but most of all, it let’s us see inside your heart. I admire your talents, but I admire your soul and mind that keeps us aware of the little things in life that sets the standards of mankind. You rock baby, you brought justice to the things this world is beginning to neglect and your placement of words adds a comforting touch to arouse us to continue if not start to do the things that are right. You fingers have wisely responded not just to your wisdom, but to the kindness of your inner soul and heart. Thank you so much for such lovely words that romances us into doing what is justifiable, and humanly possible to do onto others as you would other wise want them to do for you. Great work, as always.

  • what a beautiful blessing you are to me,, this is so humbling to hear,, it kept me awake all night,, the words just kept coming to me after out shopping yesterday and seeing some of the most thoughtful gestures that could have been happening,, each one I mentioned are ones I did,, well except for hubby pulling out my chair and pouring my wine,, but see he gets it too,, I should have titled it — THE HEALTHY GERM, GESTURES OF COMPASSION,, thanks for reading peace and love linmarie

    – linmarie

  • JRGarland
    JRGarlandover 4 years ago

    I do and it’s fun. LOL Great encouragement!

  • Thanks JR,, I pictured you to be a gentleman with manners.. your heart is big.. peace and love to you , linmarie

    – linmarie

  • Pamela Phelps
    Pamela Phelpsover 4 years ago

    Your words here are a few of my “simple gesture” ethics I live by every day! Great piece, I shall cherish this!

  • same here Pam,, happy to hear your soul is like mine,, and you liked me reminding folks to remember to practice them everyday,, so many out there have no clue, peace and love linmarie

    – linmarie

  • raymondoantonio
    raymondoantonioover 4 years ago


  • thanks so much Raymond,, happy you agree,, and may we all practice the simple gestures to bring peace and love to our world,,one person at a time, peace and love linmarie

    – linmarie

  • marieangel
    marieangelover 4 years ago

    You have done it again Linmarie….wonderful write I have taught all of my boys now men to stand up for women on trains and buses and especially to help with little children we must pass this on within our own bloodline for others to follow suit. great idea of the germ vaccine for and not against lol xox

  • Thanks Marie,, what a great comment.. so happy you pass these gestures too your children,, the world is to fast paced and all about the me syndrome,, if we keep passing it along through our families as you said,, we have begun the chain of change for better.. peace and love linmarie

    – linmarie

  • wigs
    wigsover 4 years ago

    I have to agree, small gestures make all the difference, as does a smile…lovely piece of writing linmarie

  • Thanks so much wigs,, happy you stopped in and agree it is the small things in life that can make a difference, peace and love linmarie

    – linmarie

  • Lori Peters
    Lori Petersover 4 years ago

    I think God called us to kind and to be an encouragement to others. Well written. xo

  • thanks so much Lori,, I agree,, a kind heart leads to kind deeds, peace and love linmarie

    – linmarie

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