Secret Diaries of AppleTree Hollow

Intro: Many times, when I’m creating my artwork, ideas come to me in the form of stories. I began this series in late 2007 which will eventually be made into a book. I hope you enjoy this little side trip to Appletree Hollow.

(a fictional story created for a series of paintings)
ALL IMAGES and TEXT are Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple

“Secret Diaries of AppleTree Hollow”
I will attempt to give you a very brief summary of my remarkable discovery. I recently acquired, in a family inheritance, a very remote piece of property,nestled in the hills of southern Ohio, now known as Appletree Hollow. The 180 acres(approx.) is covered in thick woods that hold deep ravines, several creeks and numerous glacial rock formations. I have been unable to find any recorded data on this property; it is as though it has never existed, and yet here it is.
During my first brief inspection of the property,scattered in various locations, I found pieces of shaped timber, worked stone and even handmade brick, which led me to believe that there might have been numerous structures or even a small village of some sort. This idea proved to be more evident when I discovered over an acre of cleared land, near the center, that held the remains of what appeared to be foundations of small structures and walkways. Further away I found a substantially solid log cabin with a spring house built over a nearby stream. Under this spring house, buried in a small stone casket, is where I discovered the collection of albums & diaries.
I am sure that these diaries and images are the last remaining evidence of my family history and proof of the existence of Appletree Hollow and its amazing inhabitants.
This has stirred my childhood memories of old family whisperings and stories (which is the way of the hill folk) that didn’t make much sense at the time, so I never gave them much thought until now.
I have been hesitant to reveal this information, as it is so unbelievable, but I finally decided that it is time to expose the true nature of Appletree Hollow.
My family tree is not all sweet and roses, so I will refrain from giving their elaborate personal details at this time,as you might find them a bit shocking. Besides, I am sure my ancestors would think that I am releasing the “skeletons from the closet”, of which is simply not done in Appalachia.
Here are a few of the inhabitants of Appletree Hollow that have made their way to RB. You can click on their picture and read a bit of their history~

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