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Beauty of the Human Body...In & Out

I love the imagery of the human form. We are spoilt with a plethora of amazing examples here at Redbubble. I think my favourite exponent has to be mugsy (http://www.redbubble.com/people/mugsy); ‘Legs’ my absolute fav!!
I am in the ‘business’ (excuse the expression) of exploring the human body from a different angle; what is in us. And it can vary from grotesque or absolutely stunning. I am going to highlight the nice stuff :p
If only temporarily, my inner science geek is giving way to my artisitc imagination. I hope to show you how I see the human body as beautiful…any help, suggestions and opinions are always welcome. I’m having a ball on here at RB! C u all around.
Science Art…Oxymoron?? I say NO!!

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