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It is like my heart never stays inside with you
I am a chart with numbers and points of interest
to view;
Is that enough?
I have to get though
all the before and hereafter’s
here is where I find out…
We are flesh you and I
weak from sad songs and convictions
lone promises
made at the tender age of eight!

convinced, coerced, cajoled
That “we shall never have it all”
That “we shall never feel the promise”
Till the end.
… This moment brings
… This feeling sings

Exposed and clothed in truth
Nearby funk is feeling the precipice
Of need
Then desire gives way to the mighty down steam’s current

Of Love;

Now on it’s way to dying
Unless I wake up
Unless I decide
the allowing
the beginning

The beating of belief.

Linaji 2012

Currently unavailable for purchase

I am artist always becoming…
Endless ideas pull me forward towards endless creation.

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  • Vitta
    Vittaover 1 year ago

    Wonderful words!!! Happy New Year!!!

  • Hi Vitta… wow thank you dearest!

    – linaji

  • Lisa  Jewell
    Lisa Jewellover 1 year ago

    Your heart beats in the exact way it needs to,
    to question is an absolute human right
    as is choice, even under the most extreme conditions.
    Difference is how we dance :) xoxoxoxo

  • Difference in spades and hearts that spring with songs we choose to play! hehehe xoxoxox

    – linaji

  • solarbear
    solarbearover 1 year ago

    Well its like this – we are in the energy reality so theres numbers and names and tables (we may as well use the correct ones) but of course its only a game because Expanded it doesn’t matter. No one is more aware of that than I. I know it doesn’t really matter. Theres more to me, More to you, A little artistic sleight of hand that means we are all Magicians, Artists, Lovers wonderstruck. But damn everyone needs a “gig” down here of some description, a game to play, may as well be a good one, something with substance or personal meaning. But you know You are not someone that slips out of hearts, but you have very quick reflexes. You are sensitive and of course I don’t know you from a bar of salt really bceause you change, But I like the Game of you, and the Reality, I think too I have connected with you there. But in the end, jesus its new years eve, who cares of any of that, the sun is out and the red wheelbarrow is still flecked with rain beside the white chickens, That is good enough for me! I suck at so many things, but its very humorous to watch. I’m good at things too, but really it doesn’t matter what I’m good at or what I suck at. Life will fill up the vaccumm I create.

  • I wish you were on facebook… I am a crusader there, all the drop dead convictions of ‘you just damn well better watch out’ and then here I come, the arty farty side that truly pleases me, not only because I feel better as I write with a bit more ‘hope’ but because the truly gifted folk appear and feel dear.
    Now I know it is New Years eve on your side of the world but I’ve one more night to expound on what this really is about and that is what appeas to be a sweet innocent every time when controlled by the past; stuck in that ‘know it all babe of 8’…
    I really liked your poem you posted, it felt nice and a bit foolish in heart and a bit more knowledgeable than the mind, your’s I’d say was the one titled ‘heartfelt’… hehe and you posted the same time I did. We shall never be far apart you and I for what ever reason the movie of this lifetime directs. really, you should see me on facebook bear

    – linaji

  • JRGarland
    JRGarlandover 1 year ago

    Whether in sorrow and grief or happiness and carefree, our hearts know its path. Follow your heart!!

  • ahhh the sound of your voice of wisdom and hope always feels just amazing JR..thanks ;-)x

    – linaji

  • solarbear
    solarbearover 1 year ago

    To be honest the thought of getting in debates drains me and leaves me feeling kinda like a snake who lost his slither. People thresh together in the mills of Duality, no one wins and no one thinks to blow up the Machine. People love drama too much, and you and me are crusaders for a deeper truth and no one really likes that because well Game Over and all that… Sometimes its better to walk away, its not a cowardly thing to do, its the Intelligent thing. In the Game, all end up destroying each other… My poem was an old one too, Its a rhyme more than a meaning :)

  • Oh I don’t get in debates. No one really wants that there, at least my group, I figucq Its for me my dropping off point, my way of trowing the pearls out to well, you get my drift…. It seems I still enjoy a good ole’ dropping off point and facebook does that, kakakaaaaaa!

    – linaji

  • Dr. Harmeet Singh
    Dr. Harmeet Singhover 1 year ago

    Happy new year

  • indeed mr singh!

    – linaji

  • Vasile Stan
    Vasile Stanover 1 year ago

    You can never beat belief, as it’s yours… but you can always beat me with your words of tender wisdom.
    And I can hear your belief racing at 120 beats per minute and the rushing of Love through your Mind.
    You’re fully awake… unless you decide.

    2013 keeps knocking at your door. Make it Happy, dear Lj!

  • I just got back from L>A, spent loads of $$ on niece and had frankly never had so much fun. I came home and was amazed at how life is getting betta, see it truly is as ‘here you are’… xxx

    – linaji

  • kenroome
    kenroomeover 1 year ago

    Reading you again and loving it. Just finished some postings by Kanages Ramesh and his musings on Buddhism and now I believe Passion and non-attachment are the wedded soul.

  • Ingz
    Ingzover 1 year ago

    as always so beautiful and meaningful dear Lina♥ xxx

  • Rich Ladig
    Rich Ladigover 1 year ago

    Lina…Precious…precious you x….seems hearts enjoy the great outdoors…and take up little space and beliefs can be so greedy
    peace and love happy one 2013 (and beyond the here and now…heehe ;)

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