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Here I stand in hatred,
I hate the haters
I hate the liars
I hate…

Everyday I hate I see more of it

I don’t believe seeing life as good
Because all I see is the hate
The unfair killers

I am doomed because of my hate

The only time I find relief is when

I find reason to call out the haters

I feel better when I name their crimes

I am sorry

I hate to hate

But I do not believe

Love rules

Because I cannot love the haters

And yet I hate

Does that mean I cannot not love me?

God Help me.

Linaji 2010

Currently unavailable for purchase

Sometimes I wonder how it is that this law of attraction is true. ‘What Is’ seems so powerful,
and feelings of anger and betrayal come to surface.

This write was just an exercise for me in my own anger and my own fear and how the paradox is as to when I focus on hate I only get/attract more hate to view.
What a paradox as my salvation is in creation and not regurgitation of ‘what is’ I back away from the telly and the internet and all my conspiracy theories that do give me the relief at least that I ‘know’ and am ‘right’ and find other ways to feel better than being right.

Tough stuff, thank god I write some of this out and create art that makes more sense to me than being right.

I am artist always becoming…
Endless ideas pull me forward towards endless creation.

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  • eon .
    eon .about 4 years ago

    Tis all one energy
    in constant motion me thinks.
    I know how you feel.
    to express is to lighten ones load " – )) OMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm

  • yes.. it is and I do express for various reasons beside the obvious.. Love you Buddah..oh.. I mean Broddah…heheh xx

    – linaji

  • mttmaliha
    mttmalihaabout 4 years ago

    So much wisdom here, Lina. In my world and life and work, I have found that even responding to hateful words, careless people… only harms me. Walk in that light, my sister ;-)

  • sometimes I find myself looking at all the hate on both sides.. it is not for me to judge but to create a new view of what I want my life to look like, I feel alone sometimes..
    except, when a view of a very kind woman’s green path lights my heart. xxx

    – linaji

  • Trenchtownrock
    Trenchtownrockabout 4 years ago

    I am glad you have the ability to voice your words in ink..well done getting it out..that is the jump start.

  • I feel sometimes to rid myself of any judgment. So I write, I write cause I judge people I love. who are expressing what they need to express so they can feel better. Judge not lest ye be judged. period. I am doing less of it, but my system is as JenLand says below, the work I do is about allowing for everything to come and go. Start out with hate, till the hate no longer serves, then go up the ladder to irritation.. ect..

    I notice I judge my brothers and sisters on days that I myself feel out of control in the ‘what is’ , this is how I know the law of attraction is the law of the Universe.. for when I feel connected to understanding that in ‘truth’ there is only Well Being as the undercurrent to all existence…. it matters not what others are doing, saying or believeing.. and I offer my right cheek and left,,, and then because my belief is so strong that day, I don’t even see the parts of my brothers and sisters that bother me, infact I see only their light.

    So here I am and I climb one rung at a time up the ladder to the next best thought and the next best thought..
    It is good to write sometimes when I am no longer in this state.. for me it is about feeling better always and being ‘right’ does not necessarily mean I am gonna feel good all day long, it means I feel good for a bit and when I no longer feel good but start to have that pit that I used to drink and do drugs over.. It is time to think a thought that feels betta…
    Thank you Chris.. One LOVE.

    – linaji

  • JenLand
    JenLandabout 4 years ago

    Oh you have tapped into the very same thing I have found myself wrestling with on bad days. I try and try not to hate the haters but some days……………… I’m telling you it’s so very hard! And I want to rant and rave and so I do and the paradox is, that I start to feel better sometimes when I do allow myself to hate the haters and rant and rave about them. So, I guess, that’s progress ………… isn’t it? Because I’ve found a better-feeling feeling? And then I can move up to dislike, frustration, irritation, annoyance, and then curiousity, and wonder, then pity and ……….. well I don’t usually get to love of the real haters but sometimes almost get to compassion for them. Wonderful write Linaji, I can so FEEL this one!!

  • I have already refereed to your comment 5 times in mails and in replies.. this is it exactly Jen and I am blessed blessed to have you here on RB. You remind me it is ALL OK,,,, but I was in judgment mode and I did not like it..I did not like hating the haters hating the haters.. do you understand?? so I became irritated and judgmental and I had to write this or I felt to explode… the stuff the mind does when we feel we reach a certain understanding even in this work is amazing and still how buttons or contrast will always appear to show us where our attraction point is….. and you have sent back to me the golden rule of this work.. allow allow allow.. even for our own foibles… as long as we are conscious that we are choosing to think these thoughts we can move up the scale of emotions to a better feeling one .. and rapidly too because becoming conscious of our feelings and where we are is the only way to allow for the next best thought to happen.. you are a true angel with your gorgeous fall mandala leading the way, thank you so much friend, sista and mighty creator!!

    – linaji

  • Sally Omar
    Sally Omarabout 4 years ago

    Oh, my darlling Lina, you are the epitomy of love…you hate who deserves to be hated…
    because you are a fair and just person!!!! xoxoxooxox

  • Sally Omar, I do not believe for much of a minute you could ever know the feeling of hate. Your hate crumbles inside that big red heart of yours the minute you feel it trying to take over. I know you had plenty of times to hate but not for long till you surrounded yourself with the army of animals that tell us to forget it.. NOW IS TOO IMPORTANT.. you are a blessed being my dearest Sista.. Loves you. xoxoxo

    – linaji

  • rodeorose
    rodeoroseabout 4 years ago

    Once we have seen, it is hard to pretend we are blind again….however dear Lina, it is not the whole canvas…not the big picture…although it would easily be consumed by it…there is a chiaroscuro… those tiny highlights in the vast darkness…you have brought back for me this moment one of my favorite scenes from any film- the Shawshank Redemption…when the escapees can see the light at the end of the long, dark tunnel, but first must make it through that river of excrement….and so we swim on…xxx

  • omg.. you know that is in my top 3 favorite movies EVER…
    1. MATRIX
    these have not changed in years..
    I want to come over for tea and congac.. heheheh xxxx

    – linaji

  • Lisa  Jewell
    Lisa Jewellabout 4 years ago

    My mum used to say to me
    You do not hate darling you dislike immensely. Something about hate disturbed her greatly and I get that. So long as the feeling does not become a dominate one than it is only natural I think to express the frustration and anger at what often feels like injustice.
    I love the way you feel and express yourself my love,
    I learn from you always xoxoxoxoxo

  • You are a lucky woman in so many ways darling heart. Your mother had it right as do you. I absolutely feel the truth of your words.. DOMINATE.. like a river coming and going these feelings of fear, and condescension, knowing or not knowing enough, I feel safe with you and your trust you have expressed to me. You leave your heart out for me and allow for me to be what can be considered ‘wrong’ in your book. You do that for so many here on RB.

    I will always remember the day you came into my life or there abouts.. I was bereft and you were like some angel with the balm of freedom, the freedom to feel better.. you came to me as I remember being quite afraid of you. Did you know that? your mighty pen… and I allowed my thoughts of ‘less than’ fog my freedom to know you… so I never approached you much.. What a wise woman you are and I love you muchly.. muchly I do…

    – linaji

  • Valentina D
    Valentina Dabout 4 years ago

    it can be quite painful sometimes to see whats around and so so hard not to become that which one hates …a brave and therapeutic write my dear Lina .but no matter what you see or hear and sometimes feel in response …I feel it in my heart that ..You Are Light and you always shine light on us here:)))xxxx

  • V…. that is the essence of this work, looking at what I focus on for too long, I can become that which I fear the most.
    We have had this lesson since the beginning of ‘time’ there fore.. it is true.. that which is liken to itself is drawn.
    Thank you for being here V… your work and support and understanding of ones work feels special and very insitful… xoxo :=}}}

    – linaji

  • rodeorose
    rodeoroseabout 4 years ago

  • goodness… I love this song.. you got the vibe of the music in your lifetime.. I could see us all in a situation beyond this one where we are all gathered and wafting through the conversation is the most perfect music for the feelings at hand.. beside the lovely set table and the balcony for coffee, there will be this perfect music for our pleasure.. teheheheh

    – linaji

  • Dawn M. Becker
    Dawn M. Beckerabout 4 years ago

    mmm…how do I respond…or do I respond at all???!!! It is well written…oh what the hell…I am a hater I guess and I do use that word very freely!!! We all deal with things differently in life :-)

  • And you are completely precious.. you last line is my teacher..
    I love to remember the truth
    thank you, you are a great artist and mindful student of life, to follow your own path is the path of least resistance, where we are is where we are and that can be the only way to understand our connections to life and leaning..

    – linaji

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