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Written … Go the distance I don’t like this man called my boss / I’m listening to all the right things / (youtube has a bevey of right thinking videos&#… Art...Go the Distance by linaji As Bluebirds Sing by linaji Black Hole Sun by linaji From 30 Rock by linaji Banrai Breeze - Summer Heat by linaji 1926 by linaji Ghost Ship by linaji She Shines by linaji It’s my birthday It’s my birthday and my sweet friend is snoring / loud! / (we are taking a break from 4 to 6 so we can go out to dinner) (fuck how ol… Malcom in the Middle by linaji Champagne of Course by linaji Spring in San Francisco by linaji New York Love by linaji The Age of Hope by linaji Willows and Stacks in the City by linaji Urban Rain by linaji My Trust is Blowin in The Wind by linaji Pointillism in Boating by linaji Reedland by linaji Propaganda by linaji Reeds of Winter by linaji the best of you Once again / your words reach these vast feelings for me. / they turn outside in and become more a wordless emotion / it beats my heart i… REM-EVERY BODY HURTS by linaji Idyllic LIfestyle by linaji Trojan work Horse by linaji The Gift of Hindsight Its’ so funny / the ring of yesteryear / falls collectively on these def heartstrings. / now / heart is made up of survival of body /… My Cup Runneth Over by linaji Pretty in Pink by linaji Verve by linaji Being Present by linaji A Day on the Bay by linaji Giving of the Heart by linaji Nothing Left To Say by linaji Banrai Breeze - Spring by linaji Banrai Breeze - Winter by linaji The Line Up by linaji The cry of the Wolf Please view Video Link below before reading / ONE HOWL STARTED IT ALL… / A river swift in all its curves and tributaries has changed … abstraction in Trees in NYC by linaji Abstraction in wave by linaji All in A Row by linaji The Desire for Spring by linaji Red Sail by linaji I Divine by linaji the Shimmering side to Sailing by linaji Fukashima Dawn by linaji Iowa Beauty by linaji We're in the Red by linaji Hummingbird by linaji Madame Butterfly by linaji The Price of Plastic by linaji Dearest… My dearest, / I hope you are well with all this stiffness that be-felled the mind when seen loosing the origami movements that are sticky l… Hand Full of Light by linaji Jim’s Back you are poet / you are the uncomfortable lover of life to the core / you inspire these words in me (poem above and reply below) / so you a… “wtf” I can’t even explain why illness and not even knowing if I am ill makes me want to fill my glass until my body says / “enough … Getting from Here to There In the ‘all that is’ … we are still friends, I wrote this inspired by the love between us at the time: / I told the old … shadow flight by linaji House Cleaning I wrote this awhile ago, but I read it now like it just showed up for me today fresh in from the rain letting me know that today I feel and… Present in Nature by linaji Calendar Going on Inside Me by linaji Calendar A bday Sail by linaji Linaji tis me by linaji Upon My Shoulders I’ve cleaned my fridge, / countertops shine / my floors are welcoming / my dust depleted for awhile / I was waiting for someone to co… Upon my shoulders by linaji Love Bone I been going upstream most of my life. / Inside I’ve felt a meanness toward things that did not respond back the way I wanted them to… Survivor by linaji honeywise I am more than I thought / but thought is my birthing place… / expanding desire / I think / I want / I discover / all of me / all of … Advice Taken a love balm practitioner told me / take it easy on the left side / it’s squeamish and quite opinionated / whereas… / your right… Waiting by linaji Words by Fingers Attached to this chair, / I am familiar with my hand to keys / My mind has been a blank canvas for an eternal year or so / blurting out a b… Evening Rites by linaji ache with me, the song of freedom Hasn’t the world been through enough for now? / Spring bristles mounting like natures blessings towards the sun / Clouds gather and s… So Soft by linaji CLUSTER FRAG by linaji Heartfelt It is like my heart never stays inside with you / I am a chart with numbers and points of interest / to view; / Is that enough? / I have t… As I say Now You shall die say I / You shall burn the fires of Gods Unknown / But I know them / they knock at my mind / and say I know all / I see all /… Me and Poppie by linaji My 2 favorite people and a third one I fell in love with by linaji Linaji Icon 2012-Relax and Breath by linaji Cruzin for a Bruzin by linaji
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