Collab with sailing heart

My dear friend for many years here at RB joined in the great feeling of collaborating with an artist (me) and wrote this amazing poem bout the sea:

Coming Home
JR Garland

I’m coming home sweet love of my soul
My life’s adventure has come to an end
For many a good year has passed before me
Voyage after voyage has seen her days
Through storms many and troubling seas
Unto the fair sailing and the gentle breeze
Our son captains our second ship
And our grandson crews as my first mate
Soon shall he captain my vessel away
To continue the adventure as my fathers before me
May the years be plenty with me by your side
That we may roam the land in the comforts of home
And make way our duties unto generations to come
That the sea and our hearts shall forever roam free.

This was his inspiration:

The Fantasy of Tall Ships
by linaji

Thank you so much JR!

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