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Oh my... I am so in appreciation...But!

Goodness when one asks the Universe for some $$$ I did not expect to be soooo
busy. I’ve not stopped working for 2 weeks with all the hours at my job and the extra work that is assisting me in paying for my new found car and my new goal recently to get a Beamer.
This is one hella product. more later.

Thanks everyone for your steadfast contribution to my satisfaction in viewing work and as am doing right now hosting my lovely groups.
I feel good.



Hello All in my Groups and in my dear RB Life.

In November it will be 6 years on the bubble and although I have not been so active I am glad to still be part of this place even though this place likes to fix unbroken things. And upgrade to match all the rest of these sites selling any way they deam possible!!

He He, how can I ever be surprised as when I look around and the scramble is on everywhere!
I’ve been using my insurance at a Hospital called Kiser Permenente and am addressing some kind of stuff with the word ‘illness’ in it. I finally feel better in the last week and am pleased to be part of the big Pharma Industry (just kidding although I do feel betta)!!

Between a full time job and a full time job taking care of me – things are looking up. I feel like s…

Collab with sailing heart

My dear friend for many years here at RB joined in the great feeling of collaborating with an artist (me) and wrote this amazing poem bout the sea:

Coming Home
JR Garland

I’m coming home sweet love of my soul
My life’s adventure has come to an end
For many a good year has passed before me
Voyage after voyage has seen her days
Through storms many and troubling seas
Unto the fair sailing and the gentle breeze
Our son captains our second ship
And our grandson crews as my first mate
Soon shall he captain my vessel away
To continue the adventure as my fathers before me
May the years be plenty with me by your side
That we may roam the land in the comforts of home
And make way our duties unto generations to come
That the sea and our hearts shall forever roam free.

This was his inspiration:

The Fantasy of


Below is the collaboration of a great poet here on RB I’ve known since I started back in 2008….

Joe aka Devotee1


The Cold, Hard Gray of a City

The Cold, Hard Gray of a City

We build
From the inside
Out—our cold,
Hard gray
Of a city;
But all warmth
Not entirely
Misplaced nor

Aloft, a path
Of blue reminder
Between the corridor
Of skyscrapers
A footed-break

Amidst the snarl of traffic
From the center park
The scent of blossoms
Find, lift
Wafts us

While the multitasking lamppost
On a cloudy day serves as
Both sun and mistletoe….

_____________________He was inspired by my work____________________

New York Love
by linaji

Thank you ever so much Joe
upon reading this in the morning, I felt a pang of love and joy to be amongst giants.

Good day to you all!!

Linaji and de…

Sales and Ideas from this point forward...

Last 3 months of sales by doing nothing. I am going to get a new website with shopping cart and working on tags and intertwining cards and Posters and Pillows from Red Bubble and all my prints and canvas prints will be done by my SF printer. If they want framed, well I have not thought of that yet. Oh yes RB does amazing Metal prints too! I am excited about this summer project.


Framed Print x 2


heart connection via Miles: 5513.26 /Kilometers: 8872.49
by linaji

Photographic Print

The Butterfly Effect
by linaji

Orchid Series #3
by linaji

Strong Finish
by linaji

Cruzin Solo
by linaji


Forgetting Life the journal

My heart beats a more gentle tone, perhaps that is why I do not write like I used to.
I’ve become a bit more mundane and express well the excitement left in abstracts like my most recent Urban Rain

but going back and revealing the poetry I wrote at one time became such a pleasure today…
Forgetting Life
gives me a feeling I’m reading someones else’s quotes/poetry on how to live life and let it go all at once.

I hope you visit these two works and let me know what you think.

Thank you as it’s been a while in writing a post. Still finding my legs here at RB.


I need music help

Hi alll me bubblers who are awesome Co Creators

I am doing art again and would love to know what you are listening to these days. Do you mind giving me some assistance and write in comments what you are enjoying these days,,, I love all genres even country has grown on me.

I love a female jazz singer and rock does it for me too.

Much Much appreciation,,,

Fear of Success can be conquered by SUPPORTING SUCCESS

Can’t quite see you as a successful artist?
For me the practice of posting my own successes and supporting others is key for feeling like more awaits me and you. I love my work with Abraham Hicks, Byron Katie as of late and to share with like minded individuals, the epiphanies of my own life’s broadening nature.

Someone who takes the time to understand their relationship with source, who actively seeks alignment with their broader perspective, who deliberately seeks and finds alignment with who-they-really-are, is more charismatic, more attractive, more effective, and more powerful than a group of millions who have not achieved this alignment.

Abraham Hicks

I’ve come back around to realizing I am more in my life than a million Fukashima’s tragedies
I’ve come b…

I am so so impressed

I just recieved some beautiful art from RB…
I have to say the calendar is superb and I will gift it for xmas this year to a lucky friend..hehe. it is so so nice and the true to the art print tis amazing. I don’t remember the print being so good so if I may say it is a stellar improvement.
Abstract Calender Collection

I also purchased 4 art works with metallic finish… wow wow.

Silence from the Shadows.
by Ingz

by Richard George

soon to arrive:

Bohemian Rhapsody
by tori yule

In the Way you move
by linaji

Feels wonderful to enjoy art and to know the art one sells is printed nicely.

I am still with my canvas printer as we work so well together and his linen cloth and printing press can’t be beat! But I will have to show him this amazing quality with the metallic fin…

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait