Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey

Springfield, United States

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Originally born in London, England. Now live in Illinois with my wife Cheryl and four very spoiled cats – Harley Fat Boy, Nesto and D’arcy. .We now have a stray we adopted – Koji (Japanese for orphan).
Love to paint and draw and pretty much experiment with all art forms. Most of my stuff is done in Photoshop (shock!) Illustrator and Coreldraw.

Some of my stuff will be cars, bikes, green issues, politcal satire/assassination and martial arts as well as the occasional cartoon type thing.
There is more stuff to see at my Zazzle store too or if you are into Martial Arts

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iphone cases

As much a Zazzle pisses me off sometimes with their nanny attitude, they do give more opportunities for sales. Here is my foray into iphone cases
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