News from the Vale of Limerick

Hello. A little news from The Vale of Limerick.…

Thanks to some radical life changing thingies.. I have decided to write myself a map. This is a more personal slant on my life rather than me, the artist. It may explain a few things which aren’t relevant here. You can read my personal blog at
or visualuze more of my visuals at

or on Red Bubble, of course.

I am also keen to read you. So please let me know where you’re at.

Also, I must say, I have been so grateful to have you all in my life. When I am not inspired by you all, I am encouaged. Thanks to the groups who have featured my work and to those who favourite and comment. My goodness – so many days have been made by spending time with you here.

All the best

Call Out to all the Hearts...

Things seem very intense for people at the moment – out there – in the real world. (That being the world of school, work and bills etc…) So I’ll just make this request short and sweet.

Could you find a way to check in on a couple of your RB friends in the next couple of days? Could you find a couple of minutes to share a couple of bmails and a laugh?

A few people have reached out to me recently to enquire after me and my person and it’s family. It has moved me greatly and I wanted to share it with you in the hope that the love ripples gently around the bubble.

To my dear friends who have been true and loving.. like the friends you read about in books… Live long and Prosper.



The following writing is a copy of a comment I left after reading the Hipster Hitler interview today, which was essentially Hipster Hitler interviewing themselves. The book that is referenced at the bottom of my comment literally fell into my hands at the library during the heat of the debate last week- it shed light on some of my fears and confirmed ideas and feelings I already had. It is quite a read. :)…

I grew up in Australia during the seventies and eighties. At that time it was an incredibly, openly racist country. Our indiginous people who were murdered upon their thousands upon colonisation and stolen from their families and culture have endured hate for over two hundred years and counting. Over the two hundred years here – this entire culture has been under threat.
I clearly re

Imaginary Frenemies

I don’t know if you know but I have a dog. A big one. He has the shape of a long-legged hound with a low slung head. He has no eyes but his vision is fine. He sees through me. I am perfectly trained.…

The Black Dog arrived, a bonny, wee pup, showering kisses on this childs love-starved heart, making it giggle and sigh. Our foreheads fit together like velvet magic. We could read the thoughts of the diabolical other and enjoyed the bliss of a good ear rufflle…

The Black Dog would snap and snarl at my night terrors. I clung to him and rode his back, through the dark, into The Land of the Grown.

At times through our life – The dog and I, whilst walking dangerous streets in the dead of night, would hear the sounds of thunderous steps which would stop suddenly… The footsteps, over time

Rebel without a pause..

This is the effect your art has on me.…

In the past 24 hours
I have been frightened.
My body wants to turn in on itself.
I have felt and expressed anger.. illogical, unexplainable anger.
My hands have been shaking uncontrollably.
The body runs hot and cold.
I remember everything over and over… and over.
My eyes keep spurting tears – I keep wetting people
My gizzards are leaping.. it is very unpleasant.
I have vomitted.
My mouth has had a constant chatter like it does after an accident
or a deep shock
or a rape….

I have been called names here today and felt waves of dislike
within this place I call home…

This has triggered off more than I care to admit. I feel as though my safety has been compromised when I have worked so hard to be safe here. I don’t expose anything here but my mind and my heart….


I stand for Love and Better World.

To my Dear Fellow Artists and Friends,
I awoke with a deep sense of sadness this morning. The division within the bubble and my own circle of friends is the cause of my sorrow.
We are here to celebrate creation – birth – not destruction, pain and Hate.
RB do not make any money from me.. they never have. Even so, as small as I am in this RB world, I have to stand and say that my CORE cannot bend to this.
I am considering closing my account here which is breaking my heart.
This debate has triggered the distress in me. It is actually hurting.…

I feel as though.. every inch we allow Hate to gain
Gives a mile to HATE and provides ICONS to the ignorant and unevolved.
I feel this way about the Hitler designs. White Supremicists (sic) need no help. They are doing fine as they are. Those who seek

A Humanity Reminder.

If you haven’t seen the film BARAKA. Please see it.

If you haven’t read MAUS by ART SPEIGELMAN. Please read it.
Maus is a two volume graphic novel about the holocaust.

Both of these works changed my life in regards to humanity.

Love and peace to everyone here today. Really, truly.. Catch this Bear Hug!!


Big Thanks to You

Hello. I have some groups to thank this week for supporting my work and featuring my Art.

The Smile High Shop was Featured in All Out Emotion & Creative, Talented and Unknown.
My photo REVIEW was Featured in Diversuality. Thanks John. xx
In the Bathroom, I Rest My Head on the Tap…. was Featured in All Out Emotion and C.O.R.E.

To top it off… my Top ten Graphic Novel Tips was featured in the RB Weekly Wrap-Up.

The Bubble has truly kept me afloat in this week of Break-Up, Break-Down and Break-Thru. Thanks to everyone who has favourited and/or commented on my work this past week. I have been away for a slo-mo siesta.. but am joyous to be back.

Love you all to tinsy tiny bits.

Top Ten Tips for Writing a Graphic Novel


For those who know and those who don’t.. I am currently entrenched in the process of writing my first graphic novel. It is my intention to see it through to being published and distributed but that is the not the aim of these tips. I have read just about every HOW TO book and Graphic Novel that I have been able to get my hands on and I have been busting to have a go of it myself.

A few months ago, I was given a very good reason to write, an amazing muse and the emotional motivation to stop thinking and start doing. This was a starting point that I couldn’t ignore. (That’s another thing entirely.)

Back then, I had nothing but vague ideas and now I have three hand drawn books that I like very much. It’s alot of work that has actually been FUN!! I do not lie. I have been havin

Umm.. About what I wrote...

I have just written a piece of writing and clicked PUBLISH. Then I went and got a chocolate chocolate chip cookie, a glass of milk and sat on the back step to be paranoid about the writing.…

I thought I should come inside quickly and delete it or at least make it private.. It upsets me to think that I could be a ‘downer’.. especially when my avatar promises limerick horsey-smile. :)

But then I kept thinking and my blood sugar must have stabilised because I had an almost rational thought…

I have lots of bits that make up me. Good bits. Not so good bits. And do I want to be an edited version of myself here or a person?
I think I’ll aim for being a person who is going to take this opportunity to record bits of my life and my truths.

I’ll try not to depress you and I’ll be diplomatic if I

To Pun or not to Pun?

At the library
I wear a name badge.
This week I was Paige Turner.
Next week I was thinking of being Novella de Long.

One of my best girls hates puns.
She didn’t like me being Paige Turner.
But I think she forgot my name was Limerick
For a little second.

I don’t mind if she doesn’t like puns.
Nobody is perfect.

The Inbetween Time

This afternoon I was given a few minutes while the family went to the park and I was waiting for a friend to come over… I curled up on the couch… for an afternoon meditation. Now, you may think I mean sleep and I possibly do go to sleep… (Who am I kidding, of course I go to sleep) but before I drop off I dance in the in between.…

I love the inbetween time
between wake and sleep
that falling weirdness…
the thoughts which are relaxed and boundary-less.

And I like to go into the state conscious
warm and foetal
seeing how long I can gently draw it out.

Sometimes I like to try and manipulate my mind in the dreaming
if there is somewhere or something
I need to investigate…
Because I suspect I might be smarter than I think
And if I give myself reasonable time to Dream
I may just be able to lift myself up

Worth the Wait...

I’m thinking about things that are Valuable today.
I thought about it yesturday as well.
And the day before….
In fact, I really started to think in depth about value
and the things I value
while watching the news for weeks on end.
I have felt a responsibility as a human being to hold a certain vigil
for those in the States, those in Japan, those in the Middle East
and us here in Australia as my fellow humans endure, survive and recover from the most incredible natural disasters I have ever witnessed.
I have watched people lose everything. Families, whole communities, homes, possessions… things that are valuable.. wet and sodden.
I have walked around my home like an animal in a cage – looking at the house full of stuff which suddenly doesn’t seem so valuable anymore. I look at my things and I s…

Dear Hollywood,

Now is the time
to create Beauty.…

Enough of the disaster.
Enough vision of invasion.
Enough fear and perpetuation.
Don’t you think?

I think.
And I wonder,
Dear Hollywood,
How much life has imitated our art
and how much our taste for destruction
and compound fractures
has fed,
driven this tank of death throughout the world.

Dear Hollywood,
You show us the Tsunami.
You bring to us the earthquake…
You ask us to ponder what we will do if it happens…
well it’s happening.
We know the answers.
Too many people now know what they would do when faced with a tornado.
Too many have stood before a wall of water and have been carried away.
Please do not ask me to ponder reality anymore.

In this time,
Race, Creed, Colour, Religion, Sex or any other divide you can think of is irrelevant.
Humanity is the only relevant thing y

Glass Egg Shells on Burnt Soles

Goodness Me.
Where to start. Isolation? No that’s depressing.
Life? Depressing.
Death? Depressing.
Break ups? Depressing.
Break downs? Depressing.
Hook ups? Depressing.
Being hooked? Depressing.


I could tell you that I love my job.
I can also tell you that I am almost finished a major draft of my novel.
I can tell you that these things are sustaining me
Along with my children.

There is a fragile balance now…
it’s like glass
or egg shells
or glass egg shells
or glass egg shells on sunburnt soles??
Yes. That’s it.
Glass Egg Shells on Bunburnt Soles.

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