Imaginary Frenemies

I don’t know if you know but I have a dog. A big one. He has the shape of a long-legged hound with a low slung head. He has no eyes but his vision is fine. He sees through me. I am perfectly trained.

The Black Dog arrived, a bonny, wee pup, showering kisses on this childs love-starved heart, making it giggle and sigh. Our foreheads fit together like velvet magic. We could read the thoughts of the diabolical other and enjoyed the bliss of a good ear rufflle…

The Black Dog would snap and snarl at my night terrors. I clung to him and rode his back, through the dark, into The Land of the Grown.

At times through our life – The dog and I, whilst walking dangerous streets in the dead of night, would hear the sounds of thunderous steps which would stop suddenly… The footsteps, over time became more frantic and frequent. Boom Boom Sniffle hide and pause Boom Boom Sniffle hide and pause. Paranoia was born. I was never the same.

The Black Dog set a trap to catch the sad-sack stalker – The Giant One – with an apparent heavy foot. Armed and dangerous? Shoot.

We lay in wait for a little while, hearts pumping, only to catch….

A little-girl elephant with watery eyes and a polka-dot dress whispering horrors…. child terrors. The Black Dog smiled and licked her. We took her home.

My bedroom became much smaller that night. The Elephant twitched and gasped in her sleep. Sometimes she shouted, defending herself against something or someone or someones…. But never more would there be a peaceful night for me.

My dog, the elephant and I would do everything together.. share taxis, swim at the pool, play mini-golf, hang at the movies… and then, when I found breasts on my torso, nightclubs.

That first night out We met a monkey. The elephant sniffed. She hated him immediately. The dog smiled and licked him. We took the Monkey home.

With him on my back, I felt euphoric. And with his hands around my neck, He asked, “Will you have Me?”
I said, “I will carry you anywhere.”

The elephant slipped on her own tears and lagged a sagging lonely behind – nearly forgotten-
while The Black Dog smiled and skipped… whistling tunes of happy dysfunction.

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