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I stand for Love and Better World.

To my Dear Fellow Artists and Friends,
I awoke with a deep sense of sadness this morning. The division within the bubble and my own circle of friends is the cause of my sorrow.
We are here to celebrate creation – birth – not destruction, pain and Hate.
RB do not make any money from me.. they never have. Even so, as small as I am in this RB world, I have to stand and say that my CORE cannot bend to this.
I am considering closing my account here which is breaking my heart.
This debate has triggered the distress in me. It is actually hurting.

I feel as though.. every inch we allow Hate to gain
Gives a mile to HATE and provides ICONS to the ignorant and unevolved.
I feel this way about the Hitler designs. White Supremicists (sic) need no help. They are doing fine as they are. Those who seek to hurt or take advantage of women and children – they also need no help. They have the market cornered already… it’s a lolly shop out there. ;(

This may seem like a trivial fight.. but I disagree. There is a bigger picture involved. RB, at this point, could very easily send a message to the world by not accepting these HATE FILLED artworks. But now that the artworks are on the cover of Time – I guess the dollar calls.

If you would like to inform yourself on the debate here.. please check out my favourites. I have been trying to collect as much of the debate as possible.

Don’t ask me why I stand. Ask yourself Why you don’t.


  • hsien-ku
    hsien-kuover 3 years ago

    a noble statement and one I wholeheartedly endorse. We can make a difference – we can stand up and be counted. It is never trivial to speak out against evil – and that is what we are opposing here, true evil. Because anything that promotes violence, rape and child abuse, that makes light of the holocaust, that glorifies murder, it by definition evil. you have shown the courage of your convictions by publicly denouncing this work and there’s nothing trivial about that!

  • Thanks Hsien-ku.. Much love to you today. xx

    – limerick

  • vampvamp
    vampvampover 3 years ago

    i understand your distress & hurt…
    the divide & feel on the bubble is not the same, nor has it been for at least 6mths or more.
    it would be sad to see you go too.

  • I am going to hang in here for a bit longer… I have blind faith.. silly maybe but I have an overactive HOPE bone. :) xxx Thanks for your support.

    – limerick

  • kimangeline
    kimangelineover 3 years ago

    this is exactly why i removed all my images a few months ago…i kept my writing here because i didn’t know what else to do with it…and i had some blind faith too..but its time to let go of something that no longer sits well in my core either.. best wishes limerick x

  • Thanks Kim. I appreciate your words very much. :)

    – limerick

  • DravenStudios
    DravenStudiosover 3 years ago

    I continue to stand against and I stand in hopes of seeing this resolved. This whole thing has served to feed from the energy that fed it in negative it is dividing, destroying and hurting all. Not much different from then I would say in the principle of where it stems. I hope that my work will speak of what I really see of this all that is my best stance.

  • I agree. I would much prefer to see your art on the cover of Time. :)

    – limerick

  • eon .
    eon .over 3 years ago

    the Big IT allows all things. Power lights a nunnery at night and a whore house at the same time
    It doesnt differentiate. Dont go..your smile is a happy occasion. The poo on the planet is there. its everywhere. Just point it out. So no one will step in it. Thats the cool thing to do. or get upset and bomb them and then get a gun to shoot anyone like em…… or simply let it all be and go with the flow. It allows all decisions. so we are always right " – ))

  • I am glad the nunnery and whorehouse both have power at the same time. That isn’t my problem.. :) My problem is the world is a little too Zen at the moment.. this whole ignore it… or accept it… is just bullshit. I have done some pretty amazing training with a Master.. over a long period of time. I am very happy to talk to you about actions, inaction, karma and peace…. but I must also remind you of the Monks who battle and fight with Zen in their hearts. Of the peaceful warrior who stood with great calm in front of a tank…. of the millions of silent women and children (silent due to DEATH) who have been taken advantage of throughout time. It has been a mans world forever…. The titanic is sinking and the fat cats have the life boats. I have been a notoriously quiet protester amongst my circle of friends preferring discussion and diplomacy. But I’ve had enough Eon. If I get anymore Zen.. I’ll stop breathing.

    – limerick

  • eon .
    eon .over 3 years ago

    OMMMMMMMMMMMM " – )) breath deeply still your mind in meditation and the perfect answer will simply come to your being. then you will feel clear about taking up arms or doing a self destruct on us.
    Which I will add will make me and many others feel sad. So who wins? The Hitler art promoters will be there as long as they choose. Your smile and good vibes and energy are a far better repellent to bad smelling art than
    your self destruction " – ))

  • Adam Bykowski
    Adam Bykowskiover 3 years ago

    First and most importantly I agree with you. Images portraying evil and promoting violence are wrong and it would be nice to see Redbubble take a stand by not allowing on here. Then again there is the big or should
    I say huge question of censorship. We can discuss that for hours on end. I guess it all sits on RB’s shoulders on how they want to run this site. Do they lay down some basic rules like a photography club or many of the groups here and state that images portraying hate and violence will not be allowed and removed? It would be nice to see them take that stand.
    Leaving this site would not accomplish much in my opinion. I believe if you want to make a change or show that you stand for it, you would be better off starting a petition, get some smart people involved here and flood management with letters and complaints, or get the Better Business Bureau involved. I don’t know. It depends how much you want to get invovled and how much time you are willing to spend on your stand. All I know is I respect your courage to speak up and I wish you the best. I know it pays to bitch. It also helps to surround yourself with people smarter than yourself and get them to work with you.
    Love and peace and I wish you luck.

  • I would like some response from RB.. This is moving into an area of respect.. free speech for all. Discussions. I have just been called a Bleeding Heart and told to stay in my own corner by commenting on a thread bashing our side of the argument. This I don’t understand.

    – limerick

  • Cat2be
    Cat2beover 3 years ago

    Good for you for standing up to your rights!!

  • Thanks. Apparently expressing an opinion here opens one up to personal attack. The attack has made me laugh for the first time in days… I can see the ridiculous truth.

    – limerick

  • Cat2be
    Cat2beover 3 years ago

    Some people refuse to open their eyes. But this time more and more is happening.

  • flame7
    flame7over 3 years ago

    Sadly limerick, expressing an opinion if you oppose something on the bubble is NOT acceptable. Attacks, are something, not new. I support your decision as you know, and so do many many many more!!