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News from the Vale of Limerick

Hello. A little news from The Vale of Limerick. / Thanks to some radical life changing thingies.. I have decided to write myself a map. This is a more personal slant on my life rather than me, the artist. It may explain a few things which aren’t relevant here. You can read my personal blog at / litttlethingsbigbigthingslittle.blogspot.com / or visualuze more of my visuals at justwriteo…
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Over Conditioned?

Pavlov’s dog / is very old. / L.Kaye May 2011
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Call Out to all the Hearts...

Things seem very intense for people at the moment – out there – in the real world. (That being the world of school, work and bills etc…) So I’ll just make this request short and sweet. / Could you find a way to check in on a couple of your RB friends in the next couple of days? Could you find a couple of minutes to share a couple of bmails and a laugh? / A few people ha…
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The following writing is a copy of a comment I left after reading the Hipster Hitler interview today, which was essentially Hipster Hitler interviewing themselves. The book that is referenced at the bottom of my comment literally fell into my hands at the library during the heat of the debate last week- it shed light on some of my fears and confirmed ideas and feelings I already had. It is quit…
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