Montmorency, Australia

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Lily McDonnell is
Illustrator Artist Designer Crafter
based in Melbourne, Australia.

Updates and more of her work can be found at

Contact at : lily(at)mybeautifulmonsters(dot)com

  • Age: 29
  • Joined: May 2008



Just a brief announcement to let everyone know that my website is back up! I’m now using a new mobile device friendly swipe-able gallery system! Come check it out here : / And for those of you on Tumblr you can follow me here
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Game Of Kings - White King Close Ups

I thought I might share with you some close up of my last Game of Kings piece PART 31 – Endgame – The Little Sisters fall… / I did this as a companion piece to my The Black Queen Strikes!. Close ups of that piece can be found in this journal entry. / Close ups! / There is more great art to come from my fellow collaborators so stay tuned for ENDGAME!! / Enjoy :D
Posted almost 3 years – 7 comments

My Art Nouveau DC Characters on io9

I was very excited to find out today that both my Art Nouveau Catwowan and Poison Ivy were featured on io9 in their Friday Gallery / The Glamour of Evil Art Nouveau Super Villains / I’ve wanted to do more of these “fan art” finished pieces but I hesitate to use other people’s characters. What do you all think?
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Game of Kings: Phase 2 !

As some of you may remember (or if you have look at my first journal article) back in 2009 I had the privilege of being invited to join a truly unique artistic collaboration called the Game of Kings, well… / The Game of Kings: Phase 2 has begun! / And I am proud to announce the release of the first of three illustrations I’ve contributed to this massive collaboration PART 14 – The Black Que…
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